February 17-23, 2020

Welcome to Pisces season! While you live to help others and sacrifice yourself for the cause, now is a time to really focus on what you need to thrive as an individual. This can only make you stronger as a lover, friend, and community member, dear fish. The new moon in your sign on Sunday puts you in touch with what your needs are, so really listen to your inner voice as there are less distractions now. The urge to really connect with people who have the same vision for the future and the same attitudes about friendship is present as generous Jupiter gently connects with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. Just look out for any wildcards or erratic, aggressive people as action planet Mars harmonizes with volatile Uranus.

The cosmic events behind this week’s horoscope:

The sun enters Pisces on Tuesday, February 18 at 11:57 PM, officially kicking off Pisces season. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiacal calendar, and the spring equinox aka the astrological new year is just around the corner. Focus now on healing, transcending the bullshit, and wrapping up your projects from the past year.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, gently connects with hazy Neptune on Thursday, February 20, at 10:59 AM. This is a very spiritual, mystical planetary connection. Jupiter, the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces, is a philosopher and protector while Neptune, the modern planetary ruler of Pisces, can merge with the ethereal and spiritual world. Connect with your beliefs and get lost in mysteries.

Action planet Mars harmonizes with Uranus, planet of the unexpected, on Friday, February 21 at 4:08 AM and there is a big, forceful push toward something radically different, a strong will to destabilize and experiment! This is an accident-prone aspect, so be sure you practice safety first.

The sun gently connects with rebellious Uranus on Saturday, February 22 at 9:12 AM, making it easy to see things in a different way through conversations with others. An unexpected collaboration can generate something spectacular.

The new moon in Pisces arrives on Sunday, February 23 at 10:32 AM—this is a sensitive, imaginative, and spiritual lunation. What else is there left to do? What are the surreal corners yet to be discovered?

Venus, the planet of love, clashes with optimistic Jupiter on Sunday, February 23, at 11:59 AM and we really want to indulge and over-do it now, so try to keep yourself in check. Putting some sort of restraints or boundaries on how much you can indulge in any given vice may prove helpful.

All times ET.

Published weekly on Mondays, 8:30pm ET

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