July 6-12, 2020

Mercury retrograde found yourself dealing with exes in a way that allowed you to have a better grasp of what defines them. You also learned how to communicate better with your friends and your romantic partners. Mars clashes with Mercury and you are excited to be investing in your relationships and your creative life, even treating your friends! Just look out for arguments about money or misunderstandings around who is supposed to pay for what. Mercury retrograde ends, providing a moment of pause to think about your social life. The sun harmonizes with Neptune, and you can be feeling vulnerable when it comes to your social life. It goes without saying, but the people that you surround yourself with should make you feel good. You don’t have to be a martyr just to protect someone else’s feelings.

The cosmic events behind this week’s horoscope:

Mercury retrograde ends this week, but the bookends of Mercury retrogrades are typically the most challenging or inconvenient moments. Not to mention, on Wednesday, July 8, messenger Mercury will clash with warrior Mars! Everyone is going to want things to go their own way. Look out for arguments and clashing interests. There can also be misunderstandings, in typical Mercury retrograde fashion, which just propel any conflicts further.

Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday July 12, at 4:26 AM. The days that Mercury begins and ends its retrograde are when the typical delays of retrograde periods are most strongly felt. This is because these are the times that the motion of the planet of communication and commerce comes to an apparent stop. When Mercury slams on the brakes, everything jerks with it!

There is extra confusion as the sun harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of fantasies. People are going to believe whatever they want to believe! This is a great time of course to convince people of your point of view, or to ask for forgiveness for whatever petty fights pop up earlier in the week, but also look out for distractions. It’s better to face your problems head-on than to just ignore them, right?

All times ET.

Published weekly on Mondays, 8:30pm ET

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