July 1, 2020

The sun mingles with brilliant Uranus, helping you come up with genius solutions to everyday problems. Saturn re-enters Capricorn, helping you hammer out issues concerning your finances and sense of security.

The cosmic events behind this horoscope:

Cosmic Events

The sun connects with Uranus at 2:06 AM, inspiring freedom and flexibility. The moon in Scorpio mingles with Neptune at 6:03 AM and connects with Jupiter at 11:06 AM, putting us in a deeply sensitive yet very generous mood. The moon connects with power planet Pluto at 11:19 AM, encouraging transformation. Saturn re-enters Capricorn at 7:39 PM, and we’re tying up loose ends and reconsidering commitments. The moon enters philosophical Sagittarius at 9:21 PM and connects with Saturn at 9:20 PM, urging us to know our limits.

All times ET.

Published daily at 8:30pm ET

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