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July 2020

This is an introspective time of year for you, dear centaur.

Welcome to Cancer season, Sagittarius! This is an introspective time of year for you, especially due to Mercury retrograde in Cancer, which finds conversations slowing down.

The sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules shared finances and resources, so issues concerning money and partnerships, debts, taxes, and inheritances are up for consideration. Cancer is a sign famous for its love of the past, but Cancer season is one that finds you, dear Sagittarius, cutting ties with your past. This is a period of emotional transformation. In addition to paying off debts, this time of year is major for getting closure and releasing yourself from emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for too long. Change isn’t always easy, but it can be exciting, especially as the sun mingles with electric Uranus in Taurus on July 1, bringing a shake-up to your daily routine and helping you solve tricky problems. July 1 also finds Saturn reentering Capricorn, helping you tie up loose ends concerning finances and your budget.

Important information concerning money comes to light as the lunar eclipse (a supercharged full moon!) arrives in Capricorn on July 5. Capricorn is all about business: Capricorn’s no-BS energy is responsible and focused on building for the future. Eclipses are turbulent, emotional periods that show us things in a way we couldn’t see before, often revealing secrets or previously obscured information. This eclipse will teach you much about how to invest your time, energy, talents, and money; on an emotional level, you’ll also be learning a lot about your sense of security and comfort. Nothing is ever the same after an eclipse, and you may see some changes in power.

Mercury retrograde gets the blame for delays and miscommunications, and the mood is especially impatient on July 8 when Mercury clashes with Mars in fellow fire sign Aries. Watch out for arguments! Mercury retrograde then ends on July 12, and the pace finally picks up. Also on July 12, the sun connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring a healing atmosphere where you will feel easily able to slip yourself free from the past and from heavy emotional weights. It’s a lovely time for forgiveness and closure.

Important insights concerning cash, security, and even self-esteem arrive as the sun opposes Jupiter in Capricorn on July 14 and Pluto in Capricorn on July 15. A lucky energy flows and fantastic resources are revealed; however, you’re remembering that when you pull so much into your life, you have to make space for it. Like a closet after a shopping spree, some old items simply have to go! On a practical and mundane level, this is a fantastic time to donate items you no longer need, and emotionally, this is a profound time for release and reconnecting with your sense of inner abundance.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on July 20, wiping the slate clean when it comes to debts and forgiveness—letting go is really the theme of the month for you, sweet centaur! Cancer is all about getting cozy and feeling safe and nurtured, but this is an especially sensitive new moon because the sun opposes Saturn, creating an air of rejection. It’s very important that you be responsible and mature in your decision making, so it would be wise to avoid unnecessary spending at this time. Still, since this new moon may be quite stressful because so much change is taking place and it’s hard to imagine what will come next, treat yourself to some comfort food and cuddles.

A more free-spirited energy flows on July 22 when the sun enters Leo, a bold and courageous fire sign, bringing new opportunities your way. Issues concerning travel and education, which have been so heavily impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns, are up for reconsideration as the sun moves through Leo. Also on July 11, Mercury mingles with Uranus, creating a problem-solving atmosphere and finding you thinking back to conversations that took place on June 5 and 30. Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow period on July 26, which means you’ll be wrapping up conversations that had been delayed or confused over the last few weeks.

Your ruling planet Jupiter connects with dreamy Neptune on July 27, creating a wonderfully generous and comfortable atmosphere that’s lovely for connecting with family and loved ones. Jupiter is all about growth and Neptune about transcendence: As these two planets occupy security-focused sectors of your chart (finances and home), you’re experiencing a deep sense of protection and unity. A helpful energy flows, and you’re attracting and building abundance with ease. But July 27 does have its moody moments: Venus in Gemini clashes with Neptune, stirring up insecurities, as Mercury clashes with Mars, making for some arguments that may be reminiscent of July 8. If you do your best to be clear about your boundaries, connect with friends and lovers who appreciate your vulnerability, and think before you speak (you tend to be very blunt!), you should be able to navigate this day just fine!

Mercury opposes your ruling planet Jupiter and connects with Neptune on July 30, making for another busy day of communication concerning your finances, home and family life, and even your past. Watch out for some exaggerations on this day; however, it’s still a powerful time for sharing information and emotions.

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in August!

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