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August 2020

Leo season is an especially exciting time of year for you!

Welcome to Leo season, Sagittarius! This is an exciting time of year for you as the sun moves through one of your favorite sectors of your chart—the one that rules travel, education, philosophy, justice, and spirituality. While travel and education have been severely impacted by COVID-19, the sun in Leo may be able to shed some light on how to rethink and approach these themes moving forward. Exciting opportunities are on the way, as are mind-expanding experiences. But August 1 does open on an intense note: Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, finding you confronting serious issues concerning finances. This is an important time to get your paperwork in order and have tough conversations about debts, taxes, inheritances, budgeting, and earning. Information that had been concealed concerning these themes may come forward.

An unexpected change in plans takes place on August 2 as the sun clashes with Uranus in Taurus, so remember to keep your schedule flexible. What’s funny about you, dear Sagittarius, is that you really do thrive when you have a routine—but you also detest monotony! As frustrating as these unexpected changes in your schedule may be, shaking things up could give you the sense of freedom and inspiration you’ve been looking for.

The full moon in Aquarius lands on August 3, also finding Mercury opposing Saturn in Capricorn. Cool, aloof Aquarius is the opposite sign of dramatic, fiery Leo. This full moon finds you taking a detached look at the decisions in front of you: A conversation will come to a climax, and you’re taking a step back to decide which ideas, partnerships, and plans you will let go of, and which you will take to the next level. Full moons can be wild and weird, but Mercury’s opposition with Saturn creates a serious, somber mood, especially around spending money, so keep your wallet in check. Now isn’t the time to splurge. Blocks around abundance are coming up for you to examine.

On August 4, passion is in the air as Mars in Aries clashes with Jupiter in Capricorn and news from abroad comes as Mercury enters Leo. This is a wonderful time to connect with your crush! A competitive energy flows, but it’s also a fun one, so challenge your friends to a competition of some kind. Mercury in Leo also finds you with big, exciting news to share—you love having something exciting to teach people or being the bringing of good news, so this is a wonderful moment for you! Darling Venus then enters soft, psychic water sign Cancer on August 7, finding you and your partners diving deeper into intimacy. This isn’t just about connecting emotionally—it’s also about figuring out how you will blend your needs or finances. Venus in caring Cancer also finds you seeking closure from the past, which could mean paying off a debt or offering or accepting an apology.

Unexpected news arrives and a change in plans takes place as Mercury squares off with Uranus on August 10. But August 13 is particularly tense: The planet of war, Mars, clashes with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, stirring up anger—and indeed, there is plenty to be mad about! This passionate clash between planets finds you making an important change and cutting ties with something that doesn’t fulfill your heart or is wasting your time and energy. That said, this fiery clash of planets could possibly bode well in the bedroom—the energy is highly physical, and if you and your partners are vibing, this could be an especially raunchy, wild time for love-making.

Uranus retrograde begins on August 15, encouraging you to reconsider the changes you’ve been making to your schedule and the upheavals you have experienced in your daily life. You’re being asked to think about what you want your daily routine to look like moving forward. The sun, Mercury, and Mars align on August 16 and August 17, bringing news from abroad and finding you making a psychological breakthrough.

The new moon in Leo on August 18 marks the beginning of a new cycle around travel, education, and expansion—you’re growing and new opportunities are coming. They might feel far away or you might feel very in the dark about the future at this time, which is typical for new moons, but a new cycle is beginning. While travel and school might look different in the new world we live in, new experiences and amazing opportunities to learn, grow, and share your knowledge with the world will come. Leo energy is all about doing what you do best: For you, Sagittarius, that’s teaching, leading, learning, and connecting with people—and that’s exactly what this new moon is all about for you! Also during this new moon, Venus connects with Uranus, which creates an especially fun, novel feeling and helps you come up with ways to smooth over tricky situations.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19, followed by the sun on August 22, sparking communication concerning your career, reputation, and life in public. It’s a great time to promote yourself and network, since Virgo season is all about you being in the spotlight! Obstacles between you and what you want are confronted on August 24 as Mars clashes with Saturn: Now is the time to take the long view, especially concerning money and security. Rushing won’t get you anywhere any faster—it will only leave you more frustrated. The next day, a shift in energy takes place as Mercury mingles with Uranus, which is wonderful for problem-solving and experimenting with a new habit, and Venus opposes your ruling planet Jupiter, bringing good luck in your finances and generally finding you feeling fancy and appreciated! A gift may even arrive at this time.

August 27 finds Venus connecting with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring an especially romantic and nostalgic mood. You are processing deep emotions about the past and may feel inspired to look through old photos—and perhaps even toss a few of them away. You’re simply feeling ready to let go as a healing energy brings you peace and a sense of unity with yourself and the universe. In your relationships, this is a lovely time for deep bonding. Mercury connects with your ruling planet Jupiter on August 29, bringing exciting news about your career and heaps of attention from the public. But you’re wanting your privacy as Venus opposes Pluto and Mercury opposes Neptune on August 30, which finds you confronting serious issues concerning finances, as well as trust in your relationships. Don’t do all this hard work alone! Having help from someone trustworthy and who has outside perspective on your situation—such as a therapist or even an accountant—will help you navigate the tricky and confusing waters you are in concerning cash and security. Doing things alone can be hard, but sometimes a little bit of help is all we need to bring things into balance! Think of the times your friends needed help cleaning a messy room or writing a difficult email—the fact that you weren’t emotionally entrenched in the situation made it so easy for you to help (and you love to help because you’re so generous!), and the problems you’re facing now can just as easily be helped by someone detached from the situation.

Good luck this month, dear centaur, and see you in September!

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