June 2020

This is an intense time of year for you, dear Scorpio.

Welcome to Gemini season, Scorpio! This is an intense time of year for you with the sun illuminating a sector of your chart that rules sensitive topics: complex financial issues like debts, taxes and inheritances, intimacy, and even grief. You’re the sign of transformation, but change is hard for anyone, and the emotional pressure you’re under at this time asks you to lean into your spiritual practice, release the past, and trust that the universe may have amazing things in store for you if you can step bravely into the unknown.

Gemini season is your time to be inquisitive and take a logical look at the situations in your life. Letting go of the past is an important theme for you this month. How do you know if you’ve let something go? When you recall it, your body doesn’t tense up and you don’t react with anger, fear, or resistance. Instead, you feel at peace. Change is hard to do alone: Enlist the help of counselors, friends, and supporters. Remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means having someone you can bounce ideas off of is so important at this time, as is connecting with people who can guide you through changes.

Financially, issues concerning debts, taxes, and even inheritances are up for you to contend with, and in your love life, you’re connecting intimately with yourself and your partners and exploring your fantasies and turn-ons. An important shift concerning these themes arrives as Venus retrograde in Gemini clashes with Mars in Pisces on June 2, finding you asking for what you want, then meets the sun on June 3, bringing an important perspective on these situations.

The full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 5 and it’s a lunar eclipse! This is a powerful moment for hammering out financial issues, and issues that’ve been building concerning your possessions and wealth come to a major climax. There’s a fated feeling about eclipses, and a gift that comes your way—or one that you give to someone else, as full moons are about release—may feel like it was destined. Also on June 5, Mercury in Cancer connects with brilliant Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus, bringing unexpected information. Travel and school plans have been on your mind as Mercury moves through fellow water sign Cancer, and as Mercury begins its retrograde later this month, you will be reconsidering your goals and options.

Watch out for a confrontational atmosphere and big egos as the sun clashes with Mars on June 6, and ask yourself if what you’ve been fighting for is still what you want as the sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 11. Mars and Neptune meet on June 13: The atmosphere is lazy and indulgent, so watch out for exaggerations or dishonesty. Mars is the planet of war, but Neptune of fantasy—the vibe can be a little (or very) weird when they meet, and you will feel this energy play out in your love life and in your creative pursuits. For example, you may go on a date with someone and feel like they’re trying way too hard, or you may attend a celebration where everything and everyone annoys you. As tricky as the energy might be at this time, it’s a good reminder to be yourself, be firm about your boundaries, and surround yourself with authentic people!

Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer on June 18, finding you reconnecting with people from your past, as well as asking you to reconsider the plans and ideas you’ve been thinking and discussing particularly since June 2, when Mercury entered its shadow period. Concerns over travel and education have been on many people’s minds due to the global lockdowns, and this Mercury retrograde finds you, dear Scorpio, especially considering how this all has impacted you. Expect delays in communication—a message that you previously missed may finally arrive. You’re also reconnecting with people abroad, as well as revisiting some philosophical or religious ideas and contemplating how they resonate with you now. Mercury rules commerce, commuting, and communication, so account for delays or changes in plans, or simply avoid—if it’s an option—making big purchases, signing contracts, or traveling.

While the planet of communication may be moving backward through the zodiac, you’re still getting plenty of juicy information as Mars connects with Pluto on June 18 and with Jupiter on June 20. June 20 is also the start of Cancer season—happy solstice! The solar eclipse in Cancer also lands the next day, June 21: A powerful new journey begins, finding you stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking out of your everyday life in a major way. An opportunity to publish something or to reach a large audience is developing. Issues concerning travel and education are also majorly in focus. You’re having a major philosophical breakthrough and, as often with eclipses, crucial information is coming to light.

Neptune retrograde begins on June 23, creating an air of romance and glamour just before Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, moving forward all things Venusian: love, money, beauty, and your values. Your ruling planet Mars enters fire sign Aries on June 28, bringing you a big boost in energy. You’re tackling your to-do list, exploring new gigs or projects at work (or perhaps finding a new job), and are getting organized—especially at home as Mars connects with the planet of responsibility, Saturn, on June 28. This is also a great time to rethink your fitness or health plan, clean out your medicine cabinets, and incorporate some spiritually, emotionally, and physically nourishing rituals into your daily routine, like a daily walk, tea time, or meditation practice.

A tremendous day for communication breakthroughs, despite Mercury retrograde, arrives on June 30 when Jupiter meets with your ruling planet Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation and Jupiter of growth. Pluto also rules the underworld while worldly Jupiter is the philosopher of the solar system: Their meeting means deep, profound truths will be exchanged and a powerful new beginning in how you communicate and how you think takes place. This is an amazing time if you’re in therapy to transform your thought processes. In your relationships, this is a marvelous time for deep, intellectual connection. Also on this day, Mercury retrograde connects with Uranus, which means you may hear unexpected news from your partners. Mercury retrograde meets the sun on June 30, finding you gaining important perspective: The world is making more sense and you’re feeling a greater, more holistic understanding of things. This is a powerful time to dive into a subject you’re interested in, to attend a webinar led by a thinker you’re fascinated by, or to otherwise expand your mind.

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in July!

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