June 2020

You're reconsidering what you truly value this month, dear Taurus.

Welcome to Gemini season, Taurus! The sun is illuminating the material sector of your chart that rules your finances and possessions, but you’re very much in your head as your ruling planet Venus is retrograde in logical air sign Gemini at the start of this month, finding you reconsidering what’s truly of value to you. Venus retrograde is asking you to rethink your spending and your budget, as well as to reflect on your gifts and talents—have you been underestimating your worth? On a practical level, Venus retrograde in Gemini asks you to toss out or resell items that are no longer important to you, but emotionally, you’re being called to consider if the people you’re in relationships with—romantically, professionally, or otherwise—value you.

Venus clashes with Mars in Pisces on June 2, creating a flirtatious and even competitive atmosphere—you’re taking decisive action and asking for what you want! Venus meets the sun on June 3, bringing an important shift in how you approach your possessions, finances, and how you secure comfort for yourself. The first eclipse of the month arrives on June 5 with the full moon in Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse brings a situation that’s been brewing in your relationships to a climax. Issues concerning taxes, debts, and even inheritances come to the fore. Sagittarius is a sign that’s all about the “truth,” and eclipses often bring big reveals, so expect some important information to come forward. Full moons are time for release, making this a potent time to pay off a debt or give, or accept, an apology.

Also on June 5, Mercury in Cancer connects with Uranus (currently in your sign), bringing unexpected news and finding you saying surprising things! While much of what takes place at this time feels destined or set in stone, Venus is retrograde and Mercury will retrograde later this month, so expect conversations that take place now to be revisited at the end of June. The sun clashes with Mars on June 6 and with Neptune in Pisces on June 11, creating a feeling of impatience and confusion, and stirring up arguments about money and friendship. Mars is confrontational but Neptune is a big fog; the two meet on June 13, so keep paranoia in check and watch out for lazy behavior!

Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer on June 18, causing delays in communication and finding you rethinking the plans and conversations you’ve had over the last few weeks. You could be reconnecting or running into people from your past, and messages or letters that were lost may pop up, revealing information you previously missed! Avoid signing contracts, traveling, or making big purchases as Mercury rules communication, commuting, and commerce, and the retrograde is a good time to slow down. Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn on June 18 and Jupiter on June 20, bringing a burst in energy and a breakthrough in your social life, as well as finding you connecting with people abroad. It’s an exciting time to share ideas—even if Mercury retrograde means messages could take longer to arrive.

The sun enters Cancer on June 20: Happy solstice! The sun in Cancer lights up the sector of your chart that rules your mind, as well as your siblings and local neighborhood. Important shifts take place concerning these themes, especially during the new moon in Cancer on June 21, which is our second eclipse of the month. This is an especially emotional new moon and important conversations take place. Eclipses have a fated feeling about them, and the discussions you have at this time and the information that surfaces is crucial for you to know moving forward.

Neptune begins its retrograde on June 23, activating the friendship sector of your chart and finding you especially nostalgic about the past, and Venus ends its retrograde on June 25, helping issues concerning cash and other Venusian themes like romance, beauty, and harmony move forward. Action planet Mars enters Aries and connects with taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius on June 28, finding you feeling quite wired: You already love taking naps and count bedtime as one of your favorite times of day, but as fiery Mars moves through Aries, you would be wise to cut down on caffeine and carve out even more time for rest! Mars can be quite impulsive, but Saturn’s influence tempers the energy: As Mars and Saturn connect, you’re considering your long-term goals and realizing that rest is just as important as hard work when it comes to achieving success. Even though you’re happy to curl up on the couch pretty much anytime, you are a very determined person; once you get into a groove with working, don’t forget to take a break!

The end of the month brings major philosophical breakthroughs, thanks to Jupiter meeting Pluto on June 30. Jupiter is the planet of growth and Pluto of transformation. Their meeting signals a hugely important moment for you, Taurus, to grow spiritually, intellectually, and with your global reach—your ideas are especially inspiring and needed by the world right now, making this an exciting moment for you to publish your work or make your voice heard. COVID-19 lockdowns have greatly impacted how we travel and access education, and these concerns are likely to be a big theme for you at this time. Helping you solve issues or make temporary adjustments is Mercury retrograde connecting with brilliant Uranus and meeting the sun, which also happens on June 30. Important and surprising information is shared.

Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in July!

Published monthly on the last day of the month at 8:30pm ET

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