March 23-29, 2020

It’s a big time for napping! Tuesday’s new moon in your house of solitude and sleep finds you recharging your batteries. This could also be an ideal time to get involved with a volunteer effort and figure out how you can be of service to the world around you. Despite tough times, you have a great deal of optimism and humor to share with the world—your planetary ruler Venus is making a powerful connection to bubbly, optimistic Jupiter. This becomes one of your greatest assets as Venus harmonizes with resourceful Pluto, making your beauty and grace larger than life! Use it to your advantage.

The cosmic events behind this week’s horoscope:

Action planet Mars meets with power planet Pluto on Monday, March 23, at 1:16 AM, indicating a great and ruthless effort is being made. This can mean some shady business. Whatever it takes, we are determined to do it. Be on the lookout for intense tempers and suspicious attitudes.

There is a new moon in Aries on Tuesday, March 24, at 5:28 AM that has a new year energy to it; the first new moon of the zodiacal calendar. What do you want to see play out over the next year? What is something completely new that you want to try? Plant the seeds for something that you have never done before.

On Saturday, March 28, sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter at 12:24 AM and power planet Pluto at 10:52 PM. People are incredibly horny and willing to do whatever it takes in order to feel romantically fulfilled. Use this time to work through any issues of jealousy or possessiveness, or to brush off people who exhibit those behaviors.

All times ET.

Published weekly on Mondays, 8:30pm ET

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