June 2020

You're in the spotlight this month, Virgo, and you deserve the rewards coming your way!

Welcome to Gemini season, Virgo! The sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. You’re in the spotlight, and while you can be shy about receiving recognition, you know you’ve worked hard and deserve the rewards coming your way! Some of these accolades may have been a long time coming. At the start of the month, Venus is retrograde in Gemini. You may find you have outgrown the ways you’ve wanted to be perceived by the public and are reconsidering your values and choices concerning your career and legacy. Air sign Gemini is all about asking questions; like a child, Gemini is always asking “why?” and “how come?” to everyone about everything, and you’re encouraged to do the same now, especially regarding your life in public and your career. Venus in social butterfly Gemini finds you feeling especially popular, but because Venus is retrograde, you’re reconsidering who you want to align yourself with.

A flirtatious and even competitive atmosphere flows on June 2 as Venus clashes with warrior planet Mars in your opposite sign Pisces—you’re turning a corner and finding greater understanding about what’s important to you in your relationships (romantic and otherwise). An important moment in Venus retrograde’s journey arrives on June 3 when a realization, or even a gift, comes your way. Retrogrades can be frustrating, but ultimately, this one is bringing you closer to your career goals and finding you stepping into the spotlight in a way that’s authentic and comfortable for you.

While your career is a major focus this month, a climax concerning a situation in your home and family life takes place on June 5 with the full moon—a lunar eclipse—in Sagittarius. You may be moving or renovating, or on an emotional level, you may be setting boundaries. Secrets about the past pop up, stories about your ancestors are shared, and information that’s been obscured is brought to light by fire sign Sagittarius, the philosopher of the zodiac. Sagittarius is all about truth! Meanwhile, full moons are concerned with release and you’re letting go of the past and outgrowing old traditions at this time. Eclipses are exhausting and emotional, so carve out time for yourself to relax. Your ruling planet Mercury is in Cancer at this time and it will also connect with wildcard Uranus on June 5, inspiring a fun, social atmosphere. You’re feeling encouraged to experiment and connect with unexpected people, which may balance the emotionally heavy energy of the eclipse.

Just watch out for argumentative vibes as the sun clashes with Mars on June 6. The sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 11: Watch out for confusion in your relationships on this day. Things continue to be murky in your partnerships when Mars and Neptune meet on June 13: Mars is the planet of war, but Neptune of delusion. Your partners may pick a fight that you can’t wrap your mind around, or there may be some passive-aggressive behavior. Keep the energy light today—if something sounds too good to be true, ignore it. Spend time meditating, watching movies, and just relaxing instead.

Keep a slow pace as Mercury begins its retrograde in Cancer on June 18. Because your ruling planet Mercury rules communication, commerce, and commuting, you can expect miscommunications and delays as you travel, have discussions, and strike deals, so avoid making big purchases or signing contracts if you can. This Mercury retrograde in particular finds you running into old friends and people you used to be in groups or communities with. You’re running into acquaintances you never got to know too deeply, but with whom you’ve shared common dreams or goals—reconnecting with them may remind you of something, so see what they have to say. The start to Mercury retrograde coincides with Mars connecting with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, also on June 18, which bodes well for your love life. Passion continues to flow as Mars connects with Jupiter in Capricorn on June 20. Mars in Pisces finds your partners in an especially revved up, energetic mood, and Mars’s connections with power planet Pluto and lucky Jupiter create a wonderful atmosphere for intimacy and exploring new ways to have fun. This is a bonding experiencing, indeed!

Also on June 20, Cancer season begins—happy solstice! The sun in caring Cancer finds you connecting with friends and getting involved in causes you’re passionate about. You’re eager to change the world this Cancer season, especially during the solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21, which is a powerful new moon that marks a beginning in your social circle and life in public. This eclipse activates the sector of your chart that rules your hopes and dreams for the future, finding you embarking on a new mission toward healing and wholeness. New friends are entering your life now—eclipses have a fated feeling about them, so many of these meetings will feel like they were meant to be.

A dreamy, romantic energy flows in your love life on June 23 as Neptune begins its retrograde; however, remember that Neptune is the planet of fantasy, so while the energy feels especially whimsical, this isn’t a great time to make promises or commitments. A shift in energy takes place on June 25 as Venus ends its retrograde, finding you moving forward with decisions concerning your career. You’re tackling tricky financial issues like debts and taxes on June 28 as Mars enters Aries and connects with the planet of responsibility, Saturn. Mars in Aries will also assist you in cutting off ties that no longer serve your highest good—it’s time to leave the past in the past! If you’re looking for closure, or just a little more bravery while you break out of your comfort zone, Mars in Aries has your back. Also bringing you great assistance at the end of this month is Jupiter and Pluto’s powerful meeting on June 30, creating a burst of passion and creativity in your life that will deepen your intimate relationships and find you creating brilliant art. Jupiter is the planet of depth and Pluto is the planet of the underworld—this is such a potent time for bonding and sensual pleasure in your personal life! However, on a global level, this planetary alignment portends great change that requires responsibility and justice. As the sign of service, Virgo, you will feel called to help people however you can—your fantastic organizing skills are sure to come in handy! Mercury retrograde also connects with genius Uranus and meets the sun on June 30, creating a brilliant problem-solving atmosphere and bringing you important information.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in July!

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