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school shootings

18-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up Her High School ‘for Fun’

Cops found an AK-47 and a 12-gauge shotgun in her bedroom.
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15 hours ago

How Teachers Are Fighting the White Nationalists Brainwashing Their Students

“This will get worse before it gets better.”
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4 days ago
gun control

Walmart Asked Gun Owners to Stop Carrying Guns in Their Stores. This Group Is Defying Them.

They say Walmart's request is just an attempt to "get the gun haters to leave them alone.”
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gun violence

146 Firearms Were Confiscated From One Guy After Workplace Shooting Threat Triggered Maryland's 'Red Flag' Law

His colleagues were unnerved and relayed the threats to their boss, who then contacted the police.
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Mass Shootings

Texas' Governor Didn't Even Mention Guns in His New 8-Point Executive Order to Combat Mass Shootings

It's only a few days since Gov. Abbott said, “I’m tired of the dying.”
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background checks

The U.S. Truly Has No Idea How Many People Buy Guns Without Background Checks

The Odessa shooter bought his gun from a private seller after failing a federal background check.
Tess Owen

Walmart Is Ending the Sale of Most Ammo and Would Like You to Leave Your Gun at Home

A big statement on guns from the nation's largest retailer.
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Mass Shootings

Death Toll in Odessa Climbs to 7 as Toddler Shot in the Mouth Undergoes Surgery

Texas Governor Greg Abbot calls for "solutions" while also "ensuring we safeguard Second Amendment rights.”
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Mass Shootings

At Least 5 Dead and 20 Wounded In West Texas After Gunman Sprayed Highway With Bullets

The mayhem began after a traffic stop on a highway between Midland and Odessa, Texas.
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background checks

The Charleston Shooter Should Never Have Been Able to Get a Gun. Now, Victims' Families Can Sue the Government Over It.

A federal court reversed a ruling that argued the government couldn’t be held responsible for background-check loopholes.
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White Nationalism

Trump Retweeted a Video with a Logo Linked to White Nationalism and Fascistic Vigilantes

The logo is a picture of a lion painted in red, white, and blue.
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Far right

Super Awkward for Right-Wing Blogger Andy Ngo to Make a Cameo in Video of Plot Against Antifa

Ngo has found a sympathetic ear in mainstream figures like CNN anchor Jake Tapper and President Donald Trump.
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