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Why Some Anxious People Find Comfort in Horror Movies

It may not make sense, but some people with anxiety disorders–myself included—love nothing more than calming down with a terrifying film. I talked to researchers to find out why.
Abby Moss

Suck on This: Adult Breastfeeding Relationships and Those Who Love Them

Kate started breastfeeding her husband in her 50s as part of their sex life. We find out what adult nursing is, and why the people involved aren't planning to wean themselves off the habit anytime soon.
Abby Moss

What Visitors to the UK Really Think of British Food

Over-boiled vegetables, deep-fried Mars bars, chips. To figure out what went wrong with Britain’s food rep, we tracked down recent visitors to the UK and asked what they really think of our country’s cuisine.
Abby Moss

We Spoke to a Guy Trying to Do London’s Longest Pub Crawl

To coincide with the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, Sam Cullen made it his mission to complete London’s longest pub crawl by visiting a pub close to every single station. That’s 270 in total.
Abby Moss
Fast Food

We Spoke to the Chef Who Tricked 40 Food Writers Into Eating McDonald’s

Last week, chef Neal Fraser invited 40 of Los Angeles’ most influential food writers to a dinner, secretly prepared from McDonald’s food. We called him to find out what went down.
Abby Moss

We Spoke to the Guy Who Spent Six Months and $1500 Making a Sandwich

Video blogger Andy George recently documented his attempts to make a sandwich entirely from scratch; killing a chicken, making salt, and even growing his own wheat.
Abby Moss

The Problem with Fucking Robots

Two doctors have launched a campaign against sex robots to save humanity from endless sadness.
Abby Moss

When Teenage Girls Find Out They're Genetically Male

Being a teenager is hard enough, but intersex girls with Swyer Syndrome grapple with problems way beyond the usual zits and PMS.
Abby Moss

My Legs Are Growing: Living with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

When the walls start shrinking in on me, I know I'm not on a bad trip—it's just another episode of my mysterious brain condition.
Abby Moss

When Your Mom Works a Phone Sex Chat Line

Older women are dominating the phone sex industry. I spoke to my mother and a few other successful ladies to find out why.
Abby Moss

We Spoke to the Drunk Guy Who Bought £350 Worth of Pizza for Internet Strangers

“Three people asked if I’d swap pizza for weed. I got 15 unsolicited dick pics, eight death threats, and one couple who said I could watch them have sex on Skype in exchange for pizza. I didn’t take them up on it.”
Abby Moss
competitive eating

We Spoke to the Model Who Smashed a Burrito Eating Challenge

Former Miss Earth New Zealand winner Nela Zisser shocked the internet this week when a video emerged of her demolishing a 5 lb burrito in less than five minutes. Her secret? Endurance and technique.
Abby Moss