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Here’s what Planned Parenthood plans to do about Kavanaugh

The organization wants to build an “ironclad” network of states with bolstered resources to compensate for the areas in the U.S. where women have limited options.
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Here's why you just got an emergency alert from the president

Officials said roughly 75 percent of cell phones in the United States got pinged.
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Simone Perez
sexual assault

Navy sailors on ships are the most likely to be sexually assaulted in the military, new report finds

On one ship in South Carolina, the study estimates, one in six female sailors were assaulted.
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She's Running: A new way to follow the women making history in 2018

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Roe v. Wade doesn’t need to be overturned to make abortion harder to access

Roe doesn’t have to be explicitly overturned for millions of women to lose access to abortion
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Isabella McKinley Corbo

Trump administration says transgender inmates should be housed based on gender at birth

The Trump administration reversed Obama-era protections that allowed transgender prisoners to choose bathrooms and cell blocks that matched the gender of their choice
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Exclusive: The Army won’t charge troops caught on video shooting at an Afghan truck

The video, set to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble," appeared to show American troops engaging in a random act of violence.
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Michael Cohen

AT&T paid Michael Cohen, a personal injury attorney, for insight into an $85 billion merger

The Trump administration opposed the merger in a suit in November and is awaiting a final verdict in federal court.
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Trump reportedly mad at Department of Homeland Security for not separating more families

President Donald Trump is reportedly fuming at Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over a rise in illegal border crossings in 2018 following a historic and frequently-touted low in 2017. T
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Nobel Peace Prize

Trump tells reporter "everyone" thinks he should win a Nobel Peace Prize

"Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it,” Trump said.
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Senators shocked by "explosive" new classified information on deadly Niger mission

The deadly Niger operation that killed four American soldiers last October was not legally authorized and the service members had not been trained to complete it, Sen. Tim Kaine said Wednesday.
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Sexual assault survivors are pushing the military to have its #metoo moment

Sexual assault is a problem in the military, and survivors say Congress isn’t doing enough.
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