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I Have a Pathological Fear of Tapeworms

So intense that it warrants anxiety meds.
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The Most Extreme Things People Have Done After a Breakup

Forget drastic haircuts and tubs of ice cream—next time you're heartbroken, try "guess who's single" orgies and moving to India.
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'Anything Goes': When Your Dad Works in Porn

My dad went from a mild-mannered film writer to a porn reviewer who interviewed adult film stars for a living. Hey, a job's a job.
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Meet the Rastafarian Entrepreneur Bringing Vegan Caribbean Food to London

“It’s about showing that vegan cooking isn’t as tricky as you think,” says Jahson Peat, owner of several South London antiques businesses and now a new vegan restaurant in Peckham.
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This Vegan Cream Cheese Might Be Creamier Than the Real Thing

London cheesemaker Lydia Davidson sells her cashew nut-based cheese in shops and cafes across the UK. Most customers aren’t even vegan. “It took a while for people to go, ‘Oh actually, that’s not that bad,’” she says.
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Hot Shit: Women Share Their Messiest Poop Fetishes

Scat is usually thought of as a male fetish, but there are plenty of women who love the texture, smell, and taste of waste. We speak to five female coprophiles about their misunderstood fetish.
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The Medical Condition that Makes You Smell Like Rotting Fish

Trimethylaminuria, or "fish odor syndrome," makes sufferers stink of everything from garbage to feces—even their tears can smell. We find out what it's like to suffer from the socially alienating ailment.
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When You're Pathologically Terrified of Giving Birth

For some women, totally sensible fears about childbirth can develop into tokophobia—an anxiety disorder so extreme that it drives them to avoid sex or seek to terminate their pregnancy.
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Othello Syndrome: The Women Who Suffer from Morbid Jealousy

Does watching a TV show about infidelity send you into a jealous rage? You might suffer from a little-known psychological condition.
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