Amdé Mengistu

The Evolving Face of Hate

How Charlottesville Is Recovering from the Deadly Alt-Right Rally

I watched my former home descend into violent chaos. Now, slowly, residents are coming to terms with hate.
Amdé Mengistu
Black Women Making History

This Teenager Made History and Pissed Off Racists Everywhere

Zyahna Bryant wrote the petition that sparked the movement against the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville. A year later, violent racists held the tragic Unite the Right rally.
Amdé Mengistu
Views My Own

Removing Confederate Statues Won't Change America's Ugly Past

Symbolic victories may ease white guilt, but they won't put black kids through school or pay for their legal defense.
Amdé Mengistu
Brooklyn's Dirty Masquerade

J'ouvert Mourning: Remembering the Brooklynites Who Died Before Dawn

Tyreke Borel and Tiarah Poyau were fatally shot during 2016's annual street masquerade in Brooklyn. We followed up with their families and friends to see how they are coping with their loss.
Amdé Mengistu

A Black Father’s Fear of 'Law and Order' Under Trump

I went to law school partly to reduce the shock of seeing our criminal justice system up close. With Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions running the show, things could get even worse.
Amdé Mengistu

Residents of New York's 'Murder Ave' Explain How the City Got Safer

"Jay-Z fucked up the 'hood, I always said that—write that shit down. They didn't clean this shit up for us."
Amdé Mengistu

​How I Learned to Stop Being Cynical and March for Black Life

I am intimately and daily aware of police power and the public perception of my black skin.
Amdé Mengistu