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Spring Break

Jim Harbaugh Is Annexing Spring Break, And The NCAA Is Pretending To Be Upset About It

College sports officials are expressing concern over Jim Harbaugh's plan to have Michigan's football team practice in Florida during Spring Break. What are they really upset about?
Andy Schwarz

The NCAA's Economic Exploitation of Athletes Won't Be Solved By More Of The Same

Defenders of college sports amateurism argue that prohibiting market compensation for campus athletes preserves academic "values." Our resident economist calls bullshit.
Andy Schwarz

Jay Bilas And Oliver Luck Are Going To Debate Paying College Athletes, And It Could Go Like This

NCAA executive Oliver Luck and ESPN analyst Jay Bilas are set to tangle over amateurism. Our resident economist imagines the results.
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It's Official: UAB Did Not Need to Kill Football

A new report confirms that the University of Alabama-Birmingham did not need to cancel its football program for financial reasons.
Andy Schwarz

An Economist Explains Why Darren Rovell Is Wrong About Paying College Athletes

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell doesn't think college athletes deserve to be paid, so we got an economist to explain why he's dead wrong.
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The Big Ten Knows What's Best for Your Tall, Talented Child

The sudden move towards freshman ineligibility in college football and men's basketball seems odd, but a close reading suggests it's just market-fixing.
Andy Schwarz

College Sports Programs Are Playing Poor, Here's How to Fix It

A simple accounting trick allows major college sports programs to fake poverty. Killing this practice would allow real reform to take hold.
Andy Schwarz

UAB's Tangled Web of Numbers Doesn't Add Up

A look into UAB's own records shows that the school's reasons for killing its football program make no sense in terms of basic math.
Andy Schwarz

The NCAA Is Humblebragging about Giving Athletes a 4 Percent Tip

The commissioner of the Big Ten is spewing misleading numbers on just how much of the NCAA's money will be going to college athletes.
Andy Schwarz

Screw the Math: UAB Can Afford Football, so Why Is It Choosing Otherwise?

UAB claims football is too expensive a program, but the report that the school is relying on to make that conclusion is full of bad math.
Andy Schwarz

Mo'ne Davis and Exploiting Exploitation

To the NCAA, getting paid to play sports on TV is exploitation; getting other people paid is amateurism.
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Amateur Bluff: Stanford's Unlikely Ploy to Get Out of Paying Athletes

Stanford's president and athletic director claim they're ready to take an extreme measure if they're forced to pay players. Their bluff is about to be called.
Andy Schwarz