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Anita is Editor-in-Chief of FREE, Vice's personal finance channel. Previously, she was the money editor at Mic. She has also worked as a digital news editor at Time and Money and has written for Businessweek, Fast Company, Nation Swell and Time Out New York. A native Californian and lover of the outdoors, she is an avid biker and connoisseur of free snacks.


Doctors Who Are Mothers Talk About Workplace Discrimination

The stress of being treated differently than their colleagues doesn’t just hurt them—it hurts patient care.
Anita Hamilton
Invisible Jobs

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Working in Construction

Solid union wages are a big draw—and a great equalizer—but being the only woman on a 500-person crew comes with its own set of challenges.
Anita Hamilton
Money Goals

Stop Whining About Your Terrible Roommate

So long as your roommates pay the rent and don’t set the place on fire, they’re almost always worth it. Here’s why.
Anita Hamilton

I'm Not Hiring You Because You Don't Really Want the Job

Eagerness to get hired isn’t the same thing as enthusiasm for doing the work.
Anita Hamilton
money brain

The Real Reason Why You're Bad With Money

Hint: It’s not because you’re dumb, lazy or naïve.
Anita Hamilton

Treat Yourself to a Health Shopping Spree

Now is the perfect time to max out your free and discounted health benefits for 2018.
Anita Hamilton

Adopting a Dog with a Roommate Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds

Here’s how to avoid a pet sharing disaster, according to dog owners and experts alike.
Anita Hamilton

Grocery Store or Restaurant? A Simple Rule of Thumb for Buying Your Next Meal

My biggest money weakness is impulse buying prepared food and drinks. Here’s a neat idea for cutting down on these unplanned expenses without cutting out the fun.
Anita Hamilton

Have No Shame in Your Product Return Game

There’s nothing wrong with returning a used item if you’re not happy with it.
Anita Hamilton

How Bike Share Systems Are Failing Us

Lower-income residents and people of color are less likely to use bike share systems in the US. Here’s why and what cities can do to make the bikes more accessible to everyone.
Anita Hamilton

Paying a Few Pennies More for Your Beer Could Be Good for Your Health

Higher prices for booze can lower rates of alcohol abuse—but they may also place an unfair burden on people in lower income brackets.
Anita Hamilton
money brain

The 6 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves Before Spending Money

An expert on shopping addiction has an easy fix to keep compulsive shopping from getting the best of you.
Anita Hamilton