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Companies Can't Claim CBD Treats Mental Health Issues—But Their Paid Influencers Can, and Do

The FTC and FDA have strict rules about the claims that CBD companies can make. Influencers, however, often fall into an enforcement gray area—and some of them are pushing the boundaries of what they can say about how it treats mental health.
Anna Merlan
2 days ago

In a Bid to Exhaust Me Personally, Marianne Williamson Shares Anti-Vaccine Misinformation on Facebook

In an especially bald pander to the anti-vaccine community, Williamson claimed vaccines require further safety studies and raised concerns about something called "neurons-toxins."
Anna Merlan
5 days ago

Wow, Hearst Set Up a Whole Website Dedicated to Union-Busting

The media giant created a glossy, misinformation-packed microsite devoted to persuading its employees not to unionize.
Anna Merlan

Kabbalah’s Fallen Superstar Would Like to Make a Comeback Now

Just don’t ask him about the explosive lawsuit accusing his family and the Kabbalah Centre of keeping their most devoted members in hellish conditions.
Anna Merlan
health science

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Group Is a Top Buyer of Anti-Vax Facebook Ads

A new study found that 54 percent of anti-vaccine ads came from just two major anti-vax groups. Meanwhile, Facebook's efforts to regulate "political" ads have led them to remove scientifically accurate, pro-vaccine posts.
Anna Merlan
conspiracy theorists

Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies

Independent "researchers" are sharing unfounded theories across social media, which have the potential to spread panic and confusion—and have even fooled legitimate government agencies.
Anna Merlan

WeWork Is Quietly Divesting From The Wing

Less than two years after touting their major investment in the women-focused coworking space, WeWork has said it's looking to sell its substantial stake.
Anna Merlan
G/O Media

Turns Out Blogging Is Hard

Media executives sometimes operate under the impression that writers are interchangeable, or that they could even do the job themselves. Now we get to watch how that turns out.
Anna Merlan

WeWork and Ex-CEO Adam Neumann Accused of Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination

Neumann's former chief of staff says she faced offensive and retaliatory behavior over both of her pregnancies, and that the company "demeaned" employees who were women.
Anna Merlan

Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Testimony Got Sidetracked by a Weird Exchange About Vaccines

Congressman Bill Posey interrupted a House Financial Services Committee hearing to press the Facebook CEO on how he would make the platform safe for anti-vaccine content.
Anna Merlan

Johnny Depp Forced to Turn Medical Records Over to Amber Heard

This is the latest development in the messy legal saga that centers on Heard's 2018 'Washington Post' op-ed that Depp says defamed him.
Anna Merlan

Here's Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explicitly Voicing His Support For Anti-Vax Godfather Andrew Wakefield

Apropos of seemingly nothing, the once-respected environmental activist and Kennedy scion posted a long tribute to the father of the anti-vaccine movement.
Anna Merlan