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NYPD Claims ‘Looters’ Put Bricks at a Brooklyn Corner Miles From Any Protest

Business owners in Gravesend say that while they’ve seen the bricks in blue bins, the neighborhood has been quiet.
Anna Merlan
2 days ago

Mass Protests Turn the Powerful Into Conspiracy Theorists

The "outside agitator" narrative delegitimizes mass anger in a way that's politically convenient.
Anna Merlan
3 days ago
VICE Magazine

The Elegant, and Not Quite Dying, Art of Typewriter Repair

Typewriters, and the people who fix them, have been enjoying a quiet longevity.
Anna Merlan

An Ex-Google Employee Turned 'Whistleblower' and QAnon Fan Made 'Plandemic' Go Viral

Zach Vorhies leaked documents to the right-wing group Project Veritas, then became a committed anti-vaxxer and promoter of QAnon. In an April video, he laid out his plan to promote 'Plandemic.'
Anna Merlan

'Plandemic' Is Dangerous, Viral Nonsense

A pseudo-documentary full of outrageous, verifiably false claims is still going viral, despite being repeatedly removed from YouTube and Facebook.
Anna Merlan

I Tried Hypnosis to Deal with My Pandemic Anxiety, and Got Something Much Weirder

The experience was far more vivid, more surreal, and more puzzling than I could have ever imagined, and the process of trying to figure it out took me deep into science, myth, and meaning.
Anna Merlan
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Bleach Ingestion Advocates Are Thrilled By Trump's 'Disinfectant' Comments

"This is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY," one wrote, "to begin a discussion about a timely and interesting application of chlorine dioxide."
Anna Merlan
Nervous Recs

Nick Cave's New Book Introduced Me to a Dreamy Realm of Imagination

An art book can also be a secret passageway, leading us up and out into a wider, wilder world.
Anna Merlan

The Coronavirus Truthers Don't Believe in Public Health

Social-distancing protesters, “medical freedom” advocates, and anti-vaccine activists all rely on deeply flawed ideas about how public health measures work—and how safe they are themselves.
Anna Merlan

FedEx Still Hasn't Given All Its Workers Gloves and Masks

FedEx told VICE last week it's "actively working to provide and replenish supplies of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and personal protective equipment," but workers on the ground tell a different story.
Anna Merlan
burning man

Burning Man Is Fighting to Keep Its Financial Info From Someone It Claims Is a Sheriff's Agent

In a court filing, Burning Man accused the Bureau of Land Management of planning to turn over confidential information to an “agent” of the local sheriff’s department.
Anna Merlan
coronavirus in prisons

Women at Oregon Prison Say Their Lives Are at Risk After COVID-19 Patients Are Transferred In

“They’ve signed our death warrant,” an incarcerated woman said. “We’re sitting here waiting to be gassed.”
Anna Merlan