Arielle Gordon


'The Circle' App Is Obviously Fake

Netflix’s AI-Based reality show ‘The Circle’ might be creepy, but it’s not the technology that’s dystopic.
Arielle Gordon

Data Science Community Rocked by Pet Adoption Contest Cheating Scandal

A team of programmers scraped a pet adoption website to cheat in a $10,000 contest that was intended to help shelter pets get adopted.
Arielle Gordon

Facebook’s Open Source Community Is Reckoning With Toxicity and Harassment

Developers of Facebook's ReactJS framework, which powers much of the web, have a bro culture that isn't welcoming to traditionally underrepresented groups.
Arielle Gordon

The Open Source Project That Keeps Google's Hands Off Your Android Data

MicroG gives users control over what data is used, where, when, and how.
Arielle Gordon
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Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting Is Best Enjoyed Straight Out of the Tub

After the Angry Internet Mob successfully demanded that Betty Crocker bring the stuff back from the dead, I knew I wasn't alone.
Arielle Gordon

DataCamp Teachers Boycott Their Own Classes Following Sexual Misconduct by Executive

Instructors say that the online data science learning platform has failed to meaningfully address an incident that happened at a company gathering in 2017.
Arielle Gordon
Black Hole

The Sexist Trolls Doubting Black Hole Researcher Katie Bouman Need to Learn to Code

The harassment campaign against one of the researchers who helped photograph a black hole isn't just sexist, it's technically simplistic and inaccurate.
Arielle Gordon