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A Year of Lil Wayne

Is Lil Wayne's Verse on Cassidy's "6 Minutes" His Best Ever?

Here's evidence that it just might be.
Kyle Kramer
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Deep Ass Questions

What Would Happen if Rich Homie Quan Stopped Going In?

Based on our statistical models, it doesn't look good.
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Listen to Y.E. Ali's Remix of "Semi," Featuring Kami

If you are in an environment where you can’t lash out irrationally and punch walls… then perhaps don’t listen to this track quite yet.
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Objectively Correct Lists

Where in the World Can Migos Meet the Plug?

Including a womb, on the back of a dolphin in the middle of the ocean, and the set of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III'.
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Meet Epic Must Die, the One Rapper Who Benefitted from SXSW

How does it feel to have Wiz Khalifa come up and compliment you after your third show ever? Ask this dude.
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Instagram Report

Chingy's Instagram Account Is the Resource You Need to #StayWoke

Get ready to thoroughly squeegee your third eye, sheeple.
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Drake Week

A Series of Interpretive Vines Based on 'Nothing Was the Same'

Drake's lyrics are vivid in their imagery, but they're also sometimes unintentionally hilarious. With that in mind, we set out to recreate the tale of his newest album through Vine.
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Keep Chief Keef Weird

How does one explain Chief Keef's recent, experimental-leaning output? You get just as weird as him.
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Fan Fiction

We Got Ahold of Will Smith's New, Kanye-Produced Album

Okay, not really. But it's fun to imagine.
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Motherboard Blog

Wale Will Be Encased in Carbonite: The Imaginary Future of Record Industry Rules, Post-Jay Z

We travelled into the future, not to buy a sports almanac and become billionaires, but to observe the evolution of the RIAA. Here are our findings.
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Here Are Some More #NewRules the RIAA Is Probably Going to Come Up With

It's hard to keep up with the evolution of consumer behavior, but the RIAA tries its best.
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The Biebreakdown

Please Stop Justin Bieber from Being Around Animals It Only Ends In Heartbreak Or Death

Justin Bieber is the Karl Malone of animal adoption.
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