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Could Ketamine Cure Addiction?

We spoke to the team behind some groundbreaking new research.
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The Restless Youth Issue

A Conservative Activist Reconciles His Many Identities

"There is something deeply unsettling about the idea that leftists just assume you subscribe to a set of preconceived notions based wholly on religion or the color of your skin."
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U.K. signs extradition order for British man facing U.S. hacking charges

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Kenya Just Incinerated Millions of Dollars Worth of Elephant Tusk and Rhino Horn

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the world's largest ivory burn on Saturday, which destroyed an estimated $150 million worth of trophies otherwise destined for sale on the black market.
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Kenya Is About to Stage the Largest Ivory Burn in History

The 105-ton cache, containing tusks of elephants worth an estimated $30m, will be burned as a symbolic message at the end of a summit aiming to prevent the extinction of elephants and rhinos.
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middle east

Exclusive: Leaked IDF Report States Soldier Who Shot Palestinian Attacker Driven by 'Twisted Ideology'

A classified IDF document leaked to VICE News criticizes the actions of Sgt. Elor Azaria, who killed a Palestinian attacker with a single bullet to the head as he lay wounded on a West Bank street.
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defense & security

UK Accused of Helping Draw Up Secret NATO 'Kill List' of Terrorists and Drug Traffickers

A new 50-page report by human rights charity Reprieve adds to growing evidence that British security and intelligence services have helped identify targets for lethal aircraft and drone strikes.
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North Korea Is Apparently Using Sophisticated Tech to Jail Citizens Contacting the Outside World

Research by Amnesty International suggests the North Korean state is conducting extensive cell phone surveillance on its citizens, and using its findings to imprison people.
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I Tried Laughing Gas Therapy to See if It Could Dull My Traumatic Memories

A neuroscientist at University College London is studying whether or not NOS can help people forget distressing events, so I volunteered to be one of his guinea pigs.
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The Black Market Dealers Selling Tactical Surveillance Equipment Online

IMSI catchers are used by law enforcement, but some companies appear willing to sell to private individuals too.
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VICE News Investigation Finds Signs of Secret Phone Surveillance Across London

VICE News found hallmarks of controversial IMSI catchers around the UK capital, then went undercover online, where we were offered the chance to buy one for $15,000.
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middle east

The EU Has Now Slammed Turkey's Imprisonment of Journalists

The European Union has released a report criticizing "significant backsliding" in freedom of expression in Turkey. VICE News journalist Mohammed Ismael Rasool has been held without charge there for 75 days.
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