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The Weird World Of K-Pop Prediction Accounts

What do you do when your favorite artist reveals absolutely nothing about their private lives? You turn to other, more prophetic means.
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Fans Don't Need to Know Korean to Enjoy K-Pop, But It Helps

Korean class enrolments rose by 13.7% between 2013 and 2016, making it the 11th most studied language in the US. How much of this is to do with K-pop?
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Into The K-Pop World

The Complexity and Fun of Being a Queer, Femme K-Pop Fan

Despite there being only one openly gay idol, many LGBTQ+ people find solace and joy in an industry that's notoriously conservative.
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The BTS Live Show Is a Glowing, Self-Affirming Safe Haven

For fans of the Korean boyband, like myself, their "love yourself" mantra swells in size in a live setting like London's O2 Arena.
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Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked Some Goths What They Actually Think About Death

“We’re more aware of our own mortality than 'normal people', because we embrace it.”
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Important Questions Raised By...

Searching for the True Meaning of Goth in 2018

The subculture has undergone a number of evolutions over the years, so I went to a goth festival in Germany to find out what it even means today.
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Hey Evanescence Fans, What’s the Most Goth Thing You’ve Ever Done?

"I got my clit pierced on my lunch break.”
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Fandom Week

"Come to Brazil!!" Is the Meme That Will Never Die

From honest plea to punchline: why Brazilians give so much of a shit about pop stars visiting their country.
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Never Mind the Sex Pistols... It Was The Damned Who Pioneered UK Punk

Forty years after “New Rose”, we sat down with Dave Vanian of The Damned to dissect subculture, originality, and why punk is better off dead.
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How Much Money Would You Need to Be Paid to Have Your Garden Fracked?

It's official: the UK is following in America's footsteps and doing the whole fracking thing. But just how big a check would people take to let the deep drilling happen in their neighborhood? We asked some folks about it.
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The Men Who Fetishize Mentally Ill Women

What do you do when you find yourself trapped with a partner who thinks your illness is the hottest thing about you?
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

Could the UK Finally See Medical Marijuana Legalized?

Parliament members and peers are campaigning for medicinal marijuana to become available to those who need it.
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