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Martin Shkreli Has to Give Up His Precious Wu-Tang Album

The pharma bro will have to use the $2 million purchase toward the $7.36 million he owes the government.
Allie Conti

What It Looks Like to Pray at JFK

Tucked behind Terminal 4 is a chapel that caters to every Abrahamic faith.
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The West Indian Day Parade Was a Hot Mess

In the best way possible.
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Brooklyn Is a Paradise

Want to know the single-worst thing that's plaguing New York City's cultural narrative? It's the people desperately holding on to an idea—the people who wax poetic about the "old New York" and how armed robbery isn't what it used to be.
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Crooked Conduct

Photos by Bobby Viteri and styling by Miyako Bellizzi.
Bobby Viteri

Eating Goat Penis with America's One Percent

What do you feed the man who's traversed mainland Antarctica <i>and</i> the moon? You feed him a myriad of dick and balls, and you garnish his martini with an eyeball.
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Cam'ron Is Still Harlem's Diplomat

We caught up with Cam and spoke with him about Max B, wearing pink, and pioneering the "punchline flow."
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VICE Premiere

FUCT's 'Due in Time' Lookbook Video

VICE is proud to debut <i>Due in Time</i>, FUCT's latest lookbook video. Shot on the claustrophobic streets of Bangkok, Thailand, it serves up raw imagery you expect from the OG streetwear brand.
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MrPimpGoodGame Is the King of the Instagram Selfie

MrPimpGoodGame's prolific Instagram gallery has garnered a cult following due to his signature look. We reached out to the incredibly photogenic man to get his thoughts on his newfound fame, business ventures, and women.
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Brooke Candy Dressed Up As That Ponytailed Street Fighter Character for a Video

Remember when you went through that phase where you pretty much did nothing but masturbate and play fighting video games? Remember how you fantasized about Cammy, the bethonged, ponytailed chick from <i>Street Fighter II</i>? Well, thanks to Brooke...
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Lele Saveri Is Selling Zines in a Subway Station

The Newsstand, is a pop-up, uh, newsstand in a Brooklyn subway station that sells an assortment of zines, knickknacks, books, mixtapes, snacks, postcards, and posters.
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It’s Lavish, Bitch: The Internet's Celebrity Bashing Brat King

Param Sharma is just a normal 17-year-old living in California’s Bay Area. But on the internet, he’s known as Lavish—the disgustingly rich brat who goads celebrities like Rihanna and Soulja Boy into pissing matches with scathing insults. I gave him a...
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