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sparkling wine

How to Buy Delicious Sparkling Wine When You’re Broke AF

We had one of Brooklyn's most respected wine directors taste five of the cheapest wines money can buy to find out.
Brad Cohen

Why One of Istanbul's Top Chefs Left to Open a Four-Table Cafe in Brooklyn

People with dreams of grandeur move to New York in search of fame. Dilara Erbay came to get away from it.
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Make this

The MUNCHIES Guide to Summer Cocktails

But what do you do if you can't decide between a piña colada and a margarita? You make them both.
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Chinese food

Are We Wrong to Call Americanized Chinese Food 'Inauthentic'?

"If you’re talking about Chinese food, it’s more than likely that someone will say, 'That’s not really Chinese food,' that they know a place that’s more ‘real.’"
Cedric Yeh
how to

The Idiot's Guide to Breaking Down a Fish

“Breaking down a fish gets you more in touch with where it comes from. And it saves you money. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day.”
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New York

This Pizza Place Is Rewarding Customers Wearing Star Wars Costumes in Honor of Carrie Fisher

While most of us have been paying our respects to Carrie Fisher on social media, some Star Wars fans have gotten creative in the mourning.
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Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Mezcal and Ceviche with Eric Werner of Hartwood

Eric Werner of Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico stopped by the MUNCHIES kitchen for Yucatecan-inspired feast.
Brad Cohen

Why American Single-Malt Whiskey Is the Ultimate Blank Canvas for Craft Distillers

American single-malt whiskey made by craft distillers could revolutionize distilling the same way craft beers changed the face of brewing.
Brad Cohen

The Inventors of Instant Craft-Beer Powder Want You to Put Mezcal in Your Beer

For these self-described men of science, creating powdered beer was about the process of experimentation as much as it was the end result.
Brad Cohen

Guy Never Receives Pizza Order, Is Awarded $900 by Courts

Until 1993, Domino’s Pizza promised customers a full refund for late pizza. In 2016, Domino’s has learned a late pizza might could cost them a whole lot more.
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Make it

Shishito Peppers Are the Perfect Snack Regardless of Your Spice Tolerance

If your spice tolerance doesn't align with your dining companions, shishito peppers are the perfect compromise. They’ve got all the flavor of a chili but none of the kick.
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coffee shops

An Inside Look at Brooklyn's New Cafe Inspired by 'Breaking Bad'

Walter’s Coffee Roasters reimagines what it would have been like if Walter White worried more about the source of his beans than the source his methylamine.
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