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How a K-Pop Star Became a Barbecue Sensation

Jiyeon Lee produced four number-one albums in the 1980s, but she gave up the limelight to focus on cooking. Now, she and her husband fuse Korean cuisine and Texas-style barbecue to droves of fans.
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How One Chef Brought Gourmet Cooking to Small-Town Appalachia

James Beard Award nominee Nate Allen is helping to boost tourism in the tiny mining town of Spruce Pine with his local produce-driven restaurant Knife & Fork.
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A Tech Company Hopes These Edible Drones Will Help End World Hunger

Some organizations are speaking out against the drones, with the chief executive of Save the Children calling them a "crackpot idea."
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This Former Gang-Banger Is Banging Out Delicious Cubans in Cambodia

“In America I never would have owned my own business,” says Ry Mam, a Cambodian-American who was deported from the US due to his criminal record. In Cambodia, deportees like him are often stigmatized by locals, but Mam has found success in his small...
Brent Crane

Climb a Palm Tree If You Want to Get Drunk in Myanmar

Toddy is the drink of choice for the Burmese farmer, made from the sap of palm trees. I went to the Burmese boonies to see how the sweet spirit is made and down a few rounds in toddy bars with the locals.
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Stinky tofu

Hairy, Stinky Tofu Is the Stuff of Smelly Dreams

I went to Kunming, in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, to find the city's famous version of stinky tofu, which turns deliciously sour and moldy after a few days' rest. But don't believe the haters, because stinky tofu doesn’t taste like farts.
Brent Crane
Chinese food

My Visit to 'The World's Greatest Chinese Restaurant'

During a layover in Kuala Lumpur, I found myself hungry and with plenty of time to kill. So I decided to check out Restoran Sek Yuen, which one blog had recently deemed the world’s greatest Chinese restaurant.
Brent Crane

It's All About the Tuna at this Fish Market in the Maldives

The fish market in Male, the uber-congested capital city of the Maldives, is full of groupers, sea bass, red snappers, dolphin fish, and barracuda—but the real draw is the fresh skipjack and yellowfin tuna.
Brent Crane

Bangkok's Rollerblade Restaurant Was a Wheel of Misfortune

Having once claimed the title of the world's largest restaurant, Bangkok's Royal Dragon and its army of rollerblade-clad, zipline-riding waiters are in need of a pick-me-up.
Brent Crane

California Abalone Are as Delicious as They Are Creepy

Abalone have a long and checkered history in California, having gone from a population surge in the 18th century to near-decimation in recent decades. But one Monterey Bay-based farm is producing these sweet, weird-looking mollusks sustainably.
Brent Crane

This Malaysian City Is the Food Cart Mecca You've Never Heard Of

In George Town—where Indian, Hokkien Chinese, Hakka, Cantonese, Malay, and everything in between clash in a beautiful culinary supernova—it is hard to find a bad meal.
Brent Crane

I Ate Dinner at Cambodia's Infamous Snake House

I traveled to Sihanoukville, a shady coastal city near the Vietnamese border with a reputation for abundant meth and persistent prostitutes, to eat in a restaurant full of deadly snakes owned by a Russian oligarch.
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