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domestic violence

Kareem Hunt and a Sports World that Ignores Domestic Violence Victims

Sports culture still does not see the female victims of star male athletes as valuable—and it shows.
Britni De La Cretaz
Alex Rodriguez

The Redemption of A-Rod Is Complete

Once the most hated man in baseball, former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is now preparing for his 'Sunday Night Baseball' debut, thanks to social media (and a little help from J.Lo).
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Sexism is Everywhere, Even the Gay Bowl

Women's teams are still marginalized at the football world's most inclusive tournament.
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Unscrewing Ourselves

The Real Problem with Hollywood's Depiction of Herpes

A brief history of unfunny and inaccurate representations of herpes—a virus that the majority of the population lives with.
Britni De La Cretaz

Is There Still a Place for Ladies Night in Baseball?

From what to call the events to facing social media backlash, hosting Ladies Night at the ballpark can be a minefield for baseball organizations.
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Women Lawyers Are Being Driven to Drink

The highly competitive field is a breeding ground for addiction problems.
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This FBI Snitch Loved Selling Out Her Communist Friends

The new book 'Undercover Girl' tells the lost story of photographer-turned-fink Angela Calomiris, who hoped for fame, money, and prestige, and got none of it.
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What It's Like to Go to Rehab Before Age 21

"I couldn't possibly have a problem; I'm not even old enough to drink!"
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We Asked

We Asked People What It's Like To Go To Rehab Before Age 21

"I couldn't possibly have a problem; I'm not even old enough to drink!"
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'In the Turn' Takes Us Inside the World of Queer Roller Derby

We chat with director Erica Tremblay about her documentary and the importance roller derby plays in queer culture.
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FOX's Show About MLB's First Woman Player Is Surprisingly Powerful

'Pitch' explores the frustrations and triumphs of the first woman to make it to the big leagues.
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Women Explain How They Groom Their Pubes

While women often discuss whether they trim, shave, or go full bush before sex, another area causes pube-related anxiety: the doctor's office. We asked women about how they dealt with their pubic hair before an abortion, labor, and checkups.
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