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Why Women Around the World Face Jail Time for Miscarrying

In Argentina, a woman was sentenced to eight years in prison after having a miscarriage when police accused her of self-inducing an abortion—and her case is far from unique.
Carla McKirdy

Italy Is Fighting for Marijuana Legalization with Weed-Infused Gelato

Thanks to a marijuana legalization advocacy group, locals from the quaint coastal village of Alassio in Liguria can now enjoy a scoop of cannabis creme gelato.
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How to Drink Yerba Mate in South America

For some South Americans, a well-prepared mate will replace a morning coffee just as well as a 5 o’clock tea. The best part? It’s naturally caffeinated leaves give drinkers stimulation in the form of a balanced sense of focus and alertness that lasts...
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'Absolutely No Medical Records': How Women Get Back Alley Abortions in Argentina

We spoke to the women who are forced to get unsafe, illegal abortions and to the doctors who provide them.
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Inside Argentina's Best Illegal Restaurant

Casa Felix is a <i>puerta cerrada</i> (closed-door) restaurant in Buenos Aires, located inside a residential neighborhood at a secret location.
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This Is How Argentina Does Oktoberfest

Villa General Belgrano is one of a few historically German-speaking villages that dot Argentina, where immigrants from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany settled in the wake of World War II.
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