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R. Kelly

R. Kelly's Live-In Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Says an Imposter Made Those Allegations of At-Home Abortions

Patreon posts said Kelly had stripped her of her privacy, urinated on her, and forced her to have abortions in his home.
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sex abuse

Pennsylvania Just Made It Easier for Child Sex Abuse Victims To Sue Their Attackers

It's been more than a year since a Pennsylvania grand jury found that Catholic priests had abused hundreds of children in the state and covered it up for decades.
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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Asked Journalists to Agree to NDAs to Attend a Media Happy Hour. Here's Why That's a Problem.

The organization said sending the non-disclosure agreement was a mistake. It was the second time VICE News had been asked to agree to one.
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A Dead Body and a Urinating Customer: The Allegations in Workers' Latest Lawsuit Against McDonald's

Another customer exposed himself to a female employee.
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Jeffrey Epstein

2 Epstein Guards Admit They Didn't Check on Him. They Were Allegedly Shopping and Napping.

They’re the first people to be charged from a criminal investigation into Epstein’s death, and they may spend years in prison.
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New Trump Advisory Board Member Thinks Women Should Be 'Handmaidens'

Clarence Mason Weaver, part of Trump's new “Black Voices for Trump” reelection initiative, has lots of thoughts on women.
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A Congressman Compared Missouri to Something out of 'The Handmaid's Tale'

And other wild moments from a House hearing on abortion access.
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child sex abuse

A Catholic Diocese in New York Is Trying to Stop More Child Sex Abuse Survivors From Suing

The diocese is challenging the constitutionality of a groundbreaking law that lets survivors sue no matter how much time has passed.
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A New Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Could Be a Huge Blow to McDonald's

Jenna Ries spent more than a year dealing with sexual advances from a manager at McDonald’s, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.
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This State Could Become the First Without an Abortion Clinic

Missouri and Planned Parenthood are fighting over the state’s last clinic.
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Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan Is Suing Harvey Weinstein and the 'International Spy Agency' Allegedly Hired to Silence Her

"This case is about a diabolical and illegal effort by one of America’s most powerful men."
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These 5 States Are the Next Battlegrounds in the Abortion Wars

Abortion rights groups are pouring tens of millions into these states to flip their legislatures in 2020.
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