Hong Kong

How Two Canadians' Izakaya Accidentally Changed Hong Kong's Restaurant Culture

"To be honest, we had no idea what we were doing when we opened."
Lindsay Jang
Chinese food

Alan Yang of 'Master of None' Takes On the East Coast vs. West Coast Chinese Food Debate

He also knows where to get the best ma po tofu in Manhattan and the best soup dumplings in Shanghai. Duh.
Charley Lanyon

Heineken Could Be Banned in Hungary for Use of Red Star in Logo

The Eastern European nation hopes to eradicate the usage of communist iconography and Nazi symbology, including the swastika and the red star.
Charley Lanyon

Meat Cakes Take Japan by Storm, Look Pretty Amazing TBH

Who needs Funfetti when you can be presented with a massive but delicately arranged pile of raw beef?
Charley Lanyon

Like Getting Hammered on Planes? There's a Beer for That

A new beer called Betsy is specially formulated to taste good and go down smoothly even when you're 30,000 feet in the air.
Charley Lanyon

Hitler Toast Leads to Jail Time for German Drug Dealer

If you're dealing large quantities of meth, avoid burning images of the Nazi leader into bread and posting photos on the internet, k?
Charley Lanyon

GOP Senator's 'Business Degree' Turns Out to Be Training at a Sizzler

That “degree” was, in fact, a Sizzler management certificate, and likely not even that; Chelgren has been unable to produce documentation of any kind.
Charley Lanyon
food safety

What We Learned from Mar-a-Lago's Food Safety Inspection

In total, inspectors recorded a full 13 violations at Donald Trump's resort, though none were serious and most were corrected over the course of the inspection.
Charley Lanyon
the internet

I Can't Stop Watching This Guy Eat Decades-Old Army Rations

Judging from the comments of Steve’s many viewers—that hardtack video alone has been watched more than 610,000 times—everyone gets something different from his performances.
Charley Lanyon
hot sauce

The Hottest New Variety of Pepper Is Not Hot at All

Pepper grower Noah Robbins says the "heatless habanero" is a "real mindfuck": "Your taste buds brace for the heat, but it never comes."
Charley Lanyon

This 18-Carat Gold 'Kale Cuff' Can Be Yours for the Low Price of $1,400

So, what happens when you combine two of the most obnoxious trends of the last decade—ostentatious luxury jewelry intended to show the world that the wearer is “charitable,” and kale?
Charley Lanyon

Remembering That Time on 'Divorce Court' When a Woman Complained that Her Husband's Incredible Cooking Made Her Fat

Chief among Rashida's grievances were that her husband said “I love you” too much—more than twice a week—and that he cooked delicious meals for her too often.
Charley Lanyon