Cheree Franco


Inside the Rage and Sorrow of the Anti-ICE Doctor Protests

Many medical professionals see denouncing the conditions inside ICE facilities as an extension of the Hippocratic Oath.
Cheree Franco

Life After an ICE Raid

For years, immigrants had been showing up in Morton to work at the chicken plants. Then ICE showed up.
Cheree Franco

Inside the Protests Against Trump's Civil Rights Museum Visit

The president's Saturday visit to a new museum in Mississippi sparked anger, protests, and memories of past struggles.
Cheree Franco

How Standing Rock Birthed a New Generation of Independent Left-Wing Media

A crew of journalism collectives and livestreamers were more effective at covering the movement than the mainstream media.
Cheree Franco
Standing Rock

The Final, Messy, Defiant Days of the Standing Rock Camps

Defying the government and even the local tribes, a stubborn group of activists remains camped out in North Dakota.
Cheree Franco
Standing Rock

My Week Among the Freezing, Confused, Hopeful Veterans at Standing Rock

When US veterans traveled to Standing Rock to join the pipeline protests, they were hoping to protect Native activists fighting for their land and water. But many were also hoping to find a new purpose.
Cheree Franco

Trump's Defense Secretary Could Be Military Industry Sweetheart Tom Cotton

Arkansas senator Tom Cotton has made a career out of supporting waterboarding and the defense industry while denouncing radical Islam and illegal immigration.
Cheree Franco