Chris Bethell

Freelance Photographer

Chris Bethell is basically VICE UK's staff photographer, even though he's not actually on staff. Not sure how that works with employment law, but the point is: he takes a large amount of the lovely photos on this website.


Mark Ronson Knows He'll Never Beat 'Uptown Funk'

We met the producer ahead of the release of his new album, to talk about songwriting, L.A., his break-up, Amy Winehouse, and the highs and lows of creating an international hit.
Michael Segalov
Save Yourselves

I Spent a Night with Protesters Willing to Be Arrested to Fight Climate Change

A timeline of what it's like to spend the evening with the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion.
Patrick Heardman

I Tried Cold Water Swimming to See if the Rumored Health Benefits Were Real

More and more people are starting their days with a dip in ice cold water, with some saying it dramatically improves their ability to manage depression.
Angus Harrison

Surreal Photos of the UK's Elvis Obsessives

Elvis isn't dead, he's just down the pub.
Chris Bethell

Thousands of UK Students Skipped Class to Protest Climate Change

We were in central London on Friday, speaking to participants in the UK's first-ever Youth Strike 4 Climate protest.
Nick Levine

This Photographer Is Exploring the Mechanics of the Nude Selfie

Dora Papanikita's project 'Sex in the Digital Age' focuses on how technology has changed sex, and how we create sexual images.
Chris Bethell
the internet

Inside the Organization That Rids the Internet of Child Sex Abuse

We visited the headquarters of the Internet Watch Foundation, whose analysts are tasked with searching out and identifying child sexual abuse images and videos.
Michael Segalov
First Dates

Hands Down This Is the Best First Date With Chris Carrabba

I took the Dashboard Confessional frontman for coffee and shit got real deep real fast.
Emma Garland

I Sent Fake Versions of Myself on TV and Everyone Fell for It

I'm no good at doing press for my shed story, so I thought it might be fun to get some other people to do it instead.
Oobah Butler
Jake Lewis

Steampunk Is Not Dead, According to the People at This Steampunk Convention

The sixth annual Surrey Steampunk Convivial is a chance for steampunks of all persuasions to gather, mingle, and listen to some autoharp.
Francisco Garcia
First Dates

A First Date in a Chain Bookstore with Death Cab for Cutie

Romance is... Kensington High Street Waterstones.
Lauren O'Neill

How a City Closed a Nightclub and Destroyed Its Owners' Lives

The story of Plymouth's Dance Academy, whose owners were brought down by what one lawyer considers the most extreme miscarriages of justice she's ever come across.
Angus Harrison