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New Wingsuit Technology Has Daredevils Flying Faster than 160 MPH

How BASE jumpers defy death to fly faster and farther than ever before.
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shakhtar donetsk

Ukraine's Refugee Soccer Club

Shakhtar Donetsk was forced to flee its home stadium and home city due to war. Now the club and its fans are facing a tough road in Western Ukraine.
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We Went On a Tour of Ukraine's Weirdest Themed Bars

A war is raging in East Ukraine. In the West, people are taking their minds off things by getting drunk and firing guns indoors.
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The Building Blocks of Everything

Here's Why You're Not Eating Chicken Breast Grown in a Lab (Yet)

As you might expect, there are unanswered questions about technical feasibility, and the environmental impact it could cause.
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wingsuit flying

Wingsuit Flying Is 'Like the Best Sex You've Ever Had Times a Hundred'

Flyers jump off cliffs wearing wingsuits that allow them to fly down mountainsides at more than 100 miles per hour, but not because they have a death wish.
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Hybrid Land Vehicles Are the Future of Special Forces Operations

Commandos might've rode horses in Afghanistan, they're getting new covert bikes for the future.
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Drug Smuggling Is Getting a High Tech Makeover

Liquid cocaine in drug mules and intercontinental subs are changing the game for drug cartels.
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There's a Wearables Arms Race in Professional Sports

Pro athletes are basically already machines, anyway.
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