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mueller report

Barr doesn’t have a problem with Trump praising Manafort for not “flipping”

"Discouraging flipping, in that sense, is not obstruction.”
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domestic terror

A Coast Guard lieutenant who allegedly wanted to start a “race war” will be released from jail

He was allegedly plotting to kill Democrats, Supreme Court justices, and "almost every last person on Earth."
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supreme court

The Supreme Court fight over this rare frog could change the fate of all endangered species

The dusky gopher frog is on the brink of extinction, and protecting timber land is its best chance at survival.
Emma Fidel
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gina haspel

Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA director

Trump's controversial pick secured more than enough votes in the Senate.
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Russian meddling

Bot or not: Can you tell which memes came straight from Russian trolls?

These Russian Facebook ads and good, old American memes look mighty similar.
Christianna Silva
Christina Sterbenz

Trump finally found someone to hold his hand

"He’s a great guy — smart, strong, he loves holding my hand," Trump's said of Macron.
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russia investigation

The Supreme Court could make it easier for Trump to fire Mueller

Rod Rosenstein's next-in-line is asking the Supreme Court to make a ruling that would make it easier to fire a judge — or the special counsel.
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zuckerberg testimony

How to watch Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify in front of Congress

Here's what you need to know about Day 2 of the Facebook CEO's testimony.
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White House Egg Roll

Is that you, Sean Spicer?

As Trump announced the start of the annual Easter Egg Roll, the burning question was: Who’s in the bunny suit?
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the apprentice

It just got easier to sue Donald Trump

A New York State Supreme Court judge finally green-lit Summer Zervos' defamation case against the president.
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Boston police used a racist drug test, lawsuit says

Labor unions have watched the case of a black police cadet closely because of its potential to change reliance on hair analysis.
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Winter Olympics

Someone give that glistening Tongan skier a gold medal already — for his abs

He’s back. And he’s still shirtless and glistening.
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