Clancy Martin

The They Come Out at Night Issue

Jail Is Where You Don't Want to Be

Clancy Martin reflects on his seven times behind bars, from Dallas to Kansas City.
Clancy Martin
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About Drinking, Flying, and Narrow Escapes

'The Air Marshal,' by Clancy Martin
Clancy Martin
The Dirty Laundry Issue

How I Became Karate-Dad

I'm 47 years old now, and lately I've been waking to an urge that was a daily part of my psychological life in my teens and 20s: the desire to improve myself.
Clancy Martin

Dangerous Unhappy Things: A True Ghost Story

I should make it clear that I have a lot of experience with ghosts. I have been seeing them since I was a child, when a small yellow gnome crawled up my leg and told me the year I would die. He said I'd die of a heart attack in 2019. When I told my...
Clancy Martin

How to Buy Jewelry Like a Jeweler

For years I owned a chain of luxury jewelry stores in one of the wildest, most flamboyant, most duplicitous jewelry markets of them all: Dallas, Texas. With Valentine's Day coming up, I will tell you what sort of jewelry scams are popular throughout...
Clancy Martin

Three Gothic Tales from Austin, Texas

Amie and Clancy Martin went to Austin recently. While there, they were almost kicked out of a hipster hotel, ate delicious sushi, and accompanied a friend to get a tattoo. Here are three reviews from their trip, one from each of their adventures.
Clancy Martin
The Boys Of Summer (Ataris Version) Issue

Advice to a Young Man from an Old Man Twice Married

There’s a fire pit the men sit by at night in the Red Iguana, a restaurant on the edge of town in Copán, Honduras. They roast meat, smoke their cigars, and drink beer and Nicaraguan rum while the stars intensify and their wives put the...
Clancy Martin
The Fiction Issue 2010

I’m Worried About My Anxiety

I had lost my shoes; I had to leave immediately, my students were waiting; my assistant already had the exams in their hands; class started at 9:00 and, I saw on my alarm clock, it was 9:15, now 9:16.
Clancy Martin
The Catastrophes Issue


"Come on,” Teryn whispered. She had opened my window from the outside, and was on her hands and knees. I had fallen asleep with a book on my chest. “Hurry. If Mom and Dad catch you we’re both dead.”
Clancy Martin
The Fiction Issue 2009

“Fathers and Snakes”

Clancy Martin used to make a living as a jewelry salesman. Now he is a translator of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard and an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri.
Clancy Martin