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Valkyria Chronicles

'Valkyria Chronicles 4' Wants Your Faith Back

After three disappointing follow-ups, Sega is promising a true sequel to the cult-classic tactics game.
Connor Trinske
Star Wars Battlefront 2

Disney Revives Beloved 'Battlefront II' As New, Shiny Version Enters Beta

As they try to play on new servers, fans are remembering just how much they loved old-school Battlefront, and how much they didn't love DICE's version.
Connor Trinske
Starcraft 2

Google and Blizzard Are Teaching an AI to Beat You at ‘StarCraft 2’

DeepMind is finally about to show 'StarCraft' fans how a real machine plays.
Connor Trinske
Mario kart

'Mario Kart Wii' Hacker Discovers Unused Mission Mode After Nearly a Decade

The pieces are all there but for some reason the mode was never finished.
Connor Trinske
Fighting Games

'Street Fighter EX' Makers Return with Mysterious New Fighting Game

A studio with a cult following, Arika are back after a nearly two-decade hiatus.
Connor Trinske
no man's sky

A Cryptic ARG Suggests a Big 'No Man's Sky' Expansion is Near

The search for deep-space El Dorado continues.
Connor Trinske
Fighting Games

This Fighting Game Bot Is Slaughtering 'Tekken 7' Players

With inhuman precision, TOOLASSISTED has added 'Tekken 7' to its list of conquests.
Connor Trinske
Sega Forever

Sega Forever’s Shoddy Ports Leave Sega on the Defensive About Emulation

Sega claimed they had no choice to use Unity, but there's controversy around that position.
Connor Trinske

This Video Series Imagines PS1-era 'Dark Souls' and 'Far Cry 5'

A reminder of how hard early 3D games tried to achieve what we now take for granted.
Connor Trinske