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Corin Faife is a freelancer covering transport, infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and internet freedom for Motherboard. Find him on Twitter @corintxt.


GitHub, Medium, and Twitter Scrubbed a Database of ICE Agents

Threats of violence against database creator Sam Lavigne, however, remain online.
Corin Faife

This Programmer Scraped LinkedIn to Find People Who Work at ICE

This isn't the first time that public information sources have been scraped to shed light on government employees.
Corin Faife
regulations, eh?

Canada Is Gearing Up to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Canada is poised to become a global hub for cryptocurrencies, and advocates worry excessive regulation will stifle innovation.
Corin Faife
sex toys

Here’s Why We Need More Open Source Software For Buttplugs

It’s a triumph of back-end engineering.
Corin Faife
the web

A New Browser Is Making Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting More User-Friendly

The technology behind Beaker makes it possible to host websites and share files with a few clicks.
Corin Faife
Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars Will Get Ethics Lessons in Virtual Reality

Immersive digital environments can test our response to life-or-death scenarios.
Corin Faife
the blockchain

The World Economic Forum Thinks We Need Better Governance for Blockchain

A new report suggests a framework for international collaboration should be built around the technology.
Corin Faife

Here’s How Traders Lost Millions in the First Ethereum Flash Crash

The price of ether fell to as low as 10 cents on one exchange, and the wider cryptocurrency community is still in shock.
Corin Faife
Digital Dollars

A Messaging App for Ethereum Just Raised $44 Million With Barely An Alpha

The company is hoping that its user-friendly app design will help bring cryptocurrency to the masses.
Corin Faife
Trolls Gonna Troll

How 4Chan's Structure Creates a 'Survival of the Fittest' for Memes

High turnover and a battle for attention breeds offensive but viral content.
Corin Faife
Funding The Web

The Creator of JavaScript Just Launched a Cryptocurrency to Improve Online Ads

Brendan Eich and the team behind the Brave web browser want to change the way advertisers, publishers and consumers connect.
Corin Faife
Very Fake News

Liberals and Conservatives Are Falling for False Flag Conspiracy Theories

A broad network of websites and social media accounts is creating confusion after every crisis event.
Corin Faife