Curtis Waltman

Cracker Jacks

Police in Oklahoma Have Cracked Hundreds of People's Cell Phones

Usage logs obtained by Muckrock show departments are cracking phones hundreds of times a year.
Curtis Waltman

California Spent Nearly $1.8 Million on Controversial Facial Recognition Software

NeoFace is capable of 1,500,000 searches a day, and appears to be fully integrated with a massive array of police databases.
Curtis Waltman
Babel X

Meet Babel Street, the Powerful Social Media Surveillance Used by Police, Secret Service, and Sports Stadiums

Newly released records from the Seattle Police Dept. illustrate the formidable capabilities of Babel Street’s software and offers a look into who is using it.
Curtis Waltman
Tools of the Trade

How the Denver Police Crack and Search Cell Phones

New training documents show how the Colorado agency instructs officers to use Cellebrite devices to get into suspects' phones.
Curtis Waltman
To Surveil and Protect

Documents Reveal Oakland Police Are Borrowing a Powerful New Cell Site Simulator

Documents reveal the agency can use the device at no-cost from a local District Attorney's office, and may access cell data from 'single individual' suspects and 'mass casualty events', though not for 'crowd management.'
Curtis Waltman

Police in Indianapolis Have Had Stingray Cell Site Simulators Since 2012

Previously unreported, the IMPD has had a StingRay since 2012, ascertained from their Non Disclosure Agreement with the FBI.
Curtis Waltman

Here's How Much a StingRay Cell Phone Surveillance Tool Costs

It's a rare look into the pricing and packaging of the cellphone surveillance tech.
Curtis Waltman

Virginia State Police Used Cell Tower-Spoofing Device to Track Suspects

Records obtained through FOIA reveal the device, nicknamed a "DRTbox", was used to track suspects at least 12 times, but failed to locate them in five.
Curtis Waltman