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mental health

Coronavirus Could Have a Devastating Lasting Impact On Mental Health

According to new stats from Mind, more than one in five adults with no previous experience of poor mental health say they are now suffering.
Daisy Jones

We Asked People Meeting Up for Lockdown Sex: What... Are You Doing?

Horny people: Get a better broadband connection and learn how to Skype sex properly!
Daisy Jones

What It’s Like Self-Isolating With Someone You Just Started Dating

“I feel robbed of the excitement of the honeymoon period and my independence.”
Daisy Jones

What Happened When I Called the Random Contacts on My Phone 'for a Chat'

Where do all the people you meet in line for the bathroom at bars, Uber pools, and on the stairs at house parties go? I found out.
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Social Media

Our Parents Reviewed Our Instagram Accounts

"I can tell from some of these pictures—the one where you've got your glittery bosom out, with the Playboy necklace—that you're proud of your body."
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sex and relationships

A Definitive Guide to Getting Into Strap-Ons

Here's everything to consider, whether you're young and queer and looking for new ways to have sex or interested in pegging your boyfriend.
Daisy Jones
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into PJ Harvey, Grunge’s Apocalyptic Godmother

From her 90s rock roots to the folk war poetry that came later, PJ is an artist who has inhabited many lives. Here's everything you need to know.
Daisy Jones
Noisey Hitlist

Suzi Wu’s Just Been Signed to Def Jam and Here’s Her New Video

“Highway” is about roads, UK rave culture and everything in between.
Daisy Jones

Sorry Wrote a Thumping, Eerie Jealousy Anthem

We're premiering "Jealous Guy"—no, not that one—from the South London band today.
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Here's the Deal With...

Meet Theodor Black, the South London Rapper Blending Jazz and Ambience

The 20-year-old used to be part of the Reservoir music collective—but now he's going out on his own. Check his track and video “WEEKENDS” right here.
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First Dates

I Drank Milkshakes With Tommy Genesis

The Canadian rapper and visual artist had a conversation with Noisey about sculpture, sci-fi, and spatial synesthesia.
Daisy Jones

Who the Hell is Jimi Somewhere?

The 20-year-old is being hailed as Norway’s answer to Kevin Abstract. We’re premiering a song and video from his second EP, PONYBOY.
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