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Chris Rush Lived Through the Fire to Share the Flame

Starts taking LSD at age 12. Roams the country working for Christian drug smugglers. Survives violent attacks over his sexuality. Luke Goebel speaks to the man who has seemingly lived through it all and has finally, unbelievably, put it on paper.
Luke Goebel

Photos from Inside a Decade of Protests in Israel and Palestine

A new photobook by photo-activist collective Activestills features ten years of photography documenting tension in Israel and Palestine, including protests the photographers were active in themselves.
Daniel Tepper

This Is Where War Reporters Go to Learn How to Stay Alive on the Front Lines

Conflict zones are dangerous for journalists. Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues is a program that offers free battlefield response training in order to teach journalists how to protect themselves and save others.
Daniel Tepper
defense & security

Newest Trend for Israeli Drone Industry: Shooting Them Down

The recent Autonomous Unmanned Systems & Robotics conference held in Israel featured a variety of technologies designed to identify and take out unmanned aerial vehicles.
Daniel Tepper

Celebrating Passover with Israel's Black Hebrews

Zionist but not Jewish, Israel's "Black Hebrews" immigrated to Israel from the United States with a pitstop in Liberia. To these believers, it was an act of homecoming.
Daniel Tepper
middle east

Tensions Run High as Israeli Revelers Parade Through Palestinian Neighborhoods on Jerusalem Day

Scuffles broke out as tens of thousands of Jewish Israelis flooded into Jerusalem on Sunday to celebrate the anniversary of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War.
Daniel Tepper
peace talks

Gaza Residents Are Cautiously Optimistic About Palestinian Unity Plans

Some residents are hopeful that a new government could mean an end to the blockade and the shortages of fuel, water, and building materials.
Daniel Tepper

Ramallah, Palestine, Is a Paradise

The Palestinian town has sat in the middle of an ongoing conflict for so long it's entwined with daily life.
Daniel Tepper

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Refusing to Join the Israeli Army

Hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews crowded into the center of Jerusalem on Sunday to protest against mandatory armed service. As things stand, they are exempt from being drafted into the military so that they can pray a whole bunch, but a...
Daniel Tepper

Les juifs ultra-orthodoxes d'Israël refusent de faire leur service militaire

Des centaines de milliers de Juifs orthodoxes sont descendus dans les rues de Jerusalem pour manifester leur mécontentement contre la mise en place d'un service militaire obligatoire, qui pourrait changer leurs vies de façon radicale.
Daniel Tepper