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How to Gracefully Ask for a Little Space—Or Just Say 'No'—During a Pandemic

There’s no time like a crisis to learn to trust yourself, listen to your own needs, and set boundaries with kindness and confidence.
Rachel Miller

How to Tell a Venting Friend 'Actually, You're the Jerk Here'

If your pal is railing about a conflict without seeming to grasp that they're at fault for it, here's what to say instead of, "Mm, yeah... you're so right..."
Rachel Miller

What to Do When Your Friend's Partner Has a Terrible Personality

Even if your friend's partner is the worst and they can definitely do better, maybe don't say that to them verbatim.
Rachel Miller

How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Go to Couples Therapy

Seeking professional help with relationship issues isn't just for married couples—so if you think it could be right for you and your partner, here's how to talk about it.
Rachel Miller
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What to Do When a Friend Owes You Money and Hasn't Paid Up

You might decide that getting your cash isn’t worth a big to-do with a close friend… but if it’s an acquaintance who stiffed you, or a lot of money is at stake, that might be an entirely different story.
Rachel Miller
personal finance

What to Do When Money Causes Friend Drama

When a pal keeps suggesting restaurants you can't afford or making snide comments about your salary, it's time to say something.
Rachel Miller

What to Do When a Perfectly Lovely Friend Is Kind of the Worst Online

If they're badgering you to like all of their selfies, be their Instagram boyfriend, or back them up in an embarrassing Twitter feud, here’s how to put your foot down.
Rachel Miller

When Seeing Isn't Believing

As long as we've had screens, magicians have used them to share their work, and audiences have questioned what they're seeing.
Eric Thurm