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Australian Open

Meet The "Andy Boys," Andy Murray's Singing Superfans From Down Under

Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has attracted a group of signing Australian superfans who are becoming celebrities in their own right and will be rooting for him in the Australian Open final.
Danielle Elliot

Stan Wawrinka, the Biggest Threat to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open

It's about time Stan the Man gets some credit, for more than his wardrobe. The world's No. 4 ranked player is ready for a star turn at the Australian Open.
Danielle Elliot

Throwback Thursday: British Brothers Dominate the Davis Cup, Then and Now

A lot has changed since the Davis Cup first started, in 1900, but for tennis history buffs, Andy and Jamie Murray hoisting the sterling silver trophy this weekend might have a familiar ring to it.
Danielle Elliot

Will Climate Change Force Men's Tennis To Shorten Grand Slam Matches?

As global temperatures continue to rise, the Grand Slam tennis tournaments may be forced to trim men's matches from best-of-five sets to best-of-three.
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youth sports

Building a Football Star, One Tweet at a Time

It's hard to overstate Twitter's impact on college football recruiting. No one has embraced this quite as readily as Craig Bryden, whose 13-year-old son is being called the best young quarterback in the country.
Danielle Elliot
cool traditions

Hard Paddling in Paradise: Hawaii's Passion for Outrigger Canoe Racing

In Hawaii, outrigger canoe races are more than a beloved sport. They're a cultural touchstone.
Danielle Elliot
Freddie Gray

Meet Baltimore's Peacekeeping Roller Skaters

A group of Baltimore roller skaters have joined the Freddie Gray protests in an attempt to keep the demonstrations peaceful.
Danielle Elliot

Virtual Reality and the New Hope for Solving the Concussion Crisis

Will eye-tracking technology allow teams to immediately identify concussions? No one is quite sure yet, but the early progress is promising.
Danielle Elliot

Global Warming and the Death of a Magical Sports Tradition

The Elfstedentocht is a grueling, 124-mile ice skating race beloved by the people of Holland. Global warming is already ensuring the tradition's demise.
Danielle Elliot

Inside an Elite High School's Culture of Hazing and Bullying

After a traumatic incident of bullying, a mother learned that her child's school is a hotbed of hazing, bullying, and institutionalized indifference.
Danielle Elliot