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The Joy of Not-So-Secretly Drinking on Russian Trains

In vodka-soaked Russia, a calamity has taken place: Booze is banned on the trains. But that doesn't mean passengers and crew aren't drinking.
Dave Hazzan
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Behind Korea's Obsession with Fried Chicken and Beer

The fried-chicken-and-beer combo known as chi-maek is cheap and beloved by Koreans, yet running chicken "hofs" remains competitive and largely unprofitable.
Dave Hazzan

A Mission to Find the Spiciest Dish in Calabria

The home of the famous Calabrian chili offers everything from delicious spicy 'nduja to throat-searing infused grappa that tastes not unlike pepper spray.
Dave Hazzan

Finding True Irish Moonshine Is Harder Than You'd Think

When you ask for poitín, most pubs in Ireland will inform you with a scowl, “That’s illegal,” like you’ve just asked for a rock of crack.
Dave Hazzan

I Traveled to Russia’s Northernmost City to Be Its Only Tourist

No one really travels to Murmansk for fun. Except for me.
Dave Hazzan

Singapore's Best Chilli Crab Is in a 60-Year-Old Public Housing Complex

What’s unique about Mellben Seafood Restaurant, and hundreds of restaurants like it in Singapore, is its location. It would be like one of New York City’s top seafood restaurants running out of Section 8 housing in the Bronx.
Dave Hazzan
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Why Koreans Eat Boiling-Hot Soup on the Most Sweltering Days of Summer

Rather than lining up at the popsicle shop to deal with the heat, Koreans prefer something else: a steaming hot bowl of chicken and ginseng soup known as samgyetang.
Dave Hazzan

Why the World’s Largest Church Still Worships Its Embezzling Former Leader

Inside Yoido Full Gospel, the Korean Pentecostal mega-church that promises wealth, healing, and shamanistic miracles.
Dave Hazzan
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Koreans Don't Want to Admit They're Eating Chinese Kimchi

There is a crisis in Kimchi Land. An invasion of foreign kimchi is marauding through the country, pillaging and robbing South Korea of its culinary dignity.
Dave Hazzan

Expats Really Like to Drink in Front of Korean Convenience Stores

Fans of "marting" say it's cheaper and better than going to any bar or club.
Dave Hazzan