David Bienenstock


Bob Saget Helped Me Prepare for My Stand-Up Debut

Who better to give me some pointers than a man who's been in the biz for more than forty years?
David Bienenstock

A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson's House

MUNCHIES columnist David Bienenstock headed to Aspen, Colorado to hang out at Owl Farm, the estate of the late legendary writer, Hunter S. Thompson, to enjoy a weed-infused dinner amongst marijuana enthusiasts.
David Bienenstock

How Podcasting Became Hollywood's Latest Obsession

Once the exclusive domain of techies and Trekkies, podcasting has grown into a culture-defining medium, a hot play for investors, and the entertainment industry's newest hunting ground for content and creators.
David Bienenstock

To Play Snoop Dogg in a Movie, You've Got to Smoke His Favorite Weed Strain

Actor Jarrett Ellis employed some unique methods to get into character for his role in the new Tupac Shakur biopic, 'All Eyez on Me.'
David Bienenstock

Big Pharma Wants a Monopoly On One of Weed's Key Medicinal Compounds

Corporate lobbyists in more than 20 states are currently pushing to make sure the pharmaceutical industry has the only legal supply of CBD.
David Bienenstock
The Festival Harm Reduction Project

6 Steps for Helping a Friend Through a Bad Psychedelic Trip

Start by not calling it a "bad trip."
David Bienenstock
highs and lows

Big Pharma's Dirtiest Dealer

Insys Therapeutics executives suffered multiple arrests for bribing doctors to prescribe its fentanyl-based pain medication while funding anti-weed campaigns and developing its own lab-made THC drug.
David Bienenstock
Weed Week

Sigur Rós Had a Weird Sound Bath Party For Their Weed Gumdrops

Beds, dancers in transparent robes, and an original ambient score were involved.
David Bienenstock
Weed Week

These Bongs Are High Art in More Than One Way

An exhibition examines the fancy pipes and bongs of Bob Snodgrass, the "Godfather of Glass," and the legions of artists he inspired.
David Bienenstock
Weed Week

How the IRS Screws Legal Weed Businesses

The IRS targets legal cannabis businesses. Now the industry is fighting back.
David Bienenstock
Bong Appetit

The Real 'Penny Lane' Has Moved From Sowing Wild Oats to Farming Wild Rice

Decades after retiring from professionally partying with famous rockstars, 'Penny Lane' maintains a Sauvie Island farm inherited from her parents, where her new passion is wild rice.
David Bienenstock

Laid-Back Latkes Recipe

Stones 12 believers. And non-believers, too.
David Bienenstock