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Israel will reportedly get a record $38 billion in military aid from the US

The deal, reportedly worth $3.8 billion a year for 10 years, will stipulate that Israel spend more of its aid money with US defense contractors.
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Syria says it shot down Israeli planes — Israel says it's 'total lies'

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Assad vows to retake every inch of Syrian soil — with ceasefire hours away

Assad expressed dismay that, "after five years, some people still haven't woken up from their fantasies," and vowed to retake "every area from the terrorists and to rebuild."
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A $2.7 million wall will go up in Calais to keep migrants out of the UK

The "great wall of Calais," as critics are dubbing it, will be built on both sides of a road that leads to the English Channel, where refugees try to make it onto boats heading to the UK.
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Black Lives Matter Is Holding Its Biggest Canadian Protest Today

A number of actions are planned across the country.
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crime & drugs

The Philippines' war on drugs death toll is growing too quickly to count

Since President Rodrigo Duterte's election, thousands have been killed, but nobody is quite sure what the accurate body count is.
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crime & drugs

Prince’s fentanyl overdose might be connected to deadly mislabeled pills trend

While police haven't raised the possibility of foul play, some are speculating that the late singer had no idea that he was taking fentanyl, the powerful opiate responsible for a rash of deaths across North America.
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South Sudan's ethnic conflict has a whole lot to do with oil

Recent atrocities in the capital Juba are the product of a civil war between tribes, but there are natural resources behind decades of strife.
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crime & drugs

The DEA will still treat weed the same as heroin

That means marijuana will remain illegal for any purpose under federal law, even though it's legal for medical and recreational use in several states, with more potentially on the way.
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defense & security

Vietnam is moving its new Israeli-made rockets to the South China Sea

Thee rocket launchers are now close enough to hit targets on Chinese-controlled islands in the disputed area, according to the military officers and diplomats who spoke to Reuters.
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war and conflict

The US could send its new F-35 to fight the Islamic State

After many years of troubled development, the most expensive warplane ever produced is ready for combat. Not everybody is convinced, but its pilots say it's great.
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middle east

Syrian rescuers allege chlorine gas dropped on town near where a Russian helicopter was shot down

Saraqeb was first hit by chemical attacks in 2013, with strong evidence suggesting it came from government helicopters
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