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It Was a Wild Day in Washington Yesterday. Here's What Went Down.

The fight between Congress and the Trump administration is escalating.
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Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" fans in China missed out on 6 minutes of sex and gore

But — spoiler alert! — they saw the ending before U.S. fans did
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Julian Assange

No one really knows if Ecuador is about to kick Julian Assange out of its embassy

He could be expelled "within hours or days,” WikiLeaks claims.
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South China Sea

Duterte just threatened to go on a "suicide mission" against China

The Philippine president is confronting China over its presence in the South China Sea
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mueller investigation

Mueller's team says their report will be way more damning of Trump than Barr's summary

Investigators who worked on the probe are frustrated with the attorney general
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xi jinping

Trump says Xi Jinping liked it when he called the Chinese president ‘king’

"I get along with him great," Trump said Tuesday.
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White House swears Trump isn’t bluffing about shutting down the border this time

"You can take the president seriously," Kellyanne Conway said.
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Russian hacking

Russian hackers are infiltrating European governments ahead of May elections, security firm says

FireEye says the cyber attacks by two Kremlin-linked hacking groups have increased significantly since mid-2018
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German lawmakers want Trump’s ambassador kicked out

U.S. diplomat Richard Grenell has been accused of acting like “a high commissioner of an occupying power.”
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New Zealand terror

No one reported the Christchurch massacre while it was live-streamed, Facebook says

The video was viewed about 4,000 times in total before it was taken down
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South Korea thinks Kim Jong Un might start testing missiles again

Seoul is “closely tracking and looking into all activity for possible scenarios including a missile launch.”
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Donald Trump

House Judiciary wants documents from White House, DOJ and Trump family business

The broadening investigation will include a request for information from Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.
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