Dirk Hayhurst


Why MLB's Attempt to Curb Hazing Is Misguided

Former major leaguer Dirk Hayhurst explains why MLB's new rule to stop veterans from dressing rookies up as women won't do anything to promote understanding.
Dirk Hayhurst

Whether He Wants to or Not, Matt Harvey Needs to Face the Media

Matt Harvey has decided to avoid speaking to the media about his recent struggles, which only makes things tougher on his teammates—and, ultimately, on him.
Dirk Hayhurst
Major League Baseball

Sorry, Adam LaRoche: Baseball Locker Rooms Aren't Daycare Centers

Chicago slugger Adam LaRoche reportedly is retiring because the White Sox told him to limit the time his son Drake spends with the team. Um, what?
Dirk Hayhurst
the human element

Is It Time For Robot Managers?

The Sabermetrics movement has helped teams better analyze players. But nobody has come up with a system to identify good managers.
Dirk Hayhurst

Racism in Baseball isn't Going Anywhere

Ex-pitcher Dirk Hayhurst explains how pro baseball, from the minor leagues on up, tries to make Latino players conform to white American values.
Dirk Hayhurst

Bryce Harper, Jonathan Papelbon, And The Problem With Unwritten Rules

There's nothing all that complicated about Jonathan Papelbon choking out Bryce Harper. But it's no surprise in a game governed by contradictory, unwritten rules.
Dirk Hayhurst

Matt Harvey's Health Is More Important Than the Mets

Harvey's choice to follow his surgeon's advice, which may end his season, isn't a departure from the true competitor's path; it's a sharp return to it.
Dirk Hayhurst
equality for gay athletes

Results Matter, Even for Trailblazing Athletes Like David Denson

Regardless of what they accomplished by becoming the first openly gay players in their respective sports, Michael Sam and David Denson will be judged on how they perform on the field.
Dirk Hayhurst