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My Gamer Brain Is Addicted to the Peloton Exercise Bike

At its heart, Peloton is a numerical fitness game, where I am constantly playing to make a number go up​.
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Cryptocurrencies Were Never Good for Anybody But the Rich

Bitcoin started as a populist alternative to government money—or was it just the rich getting richer all along?
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I Bet My Bitcoin Like a Gambler, and It Made Me Scared for the Future

I haphazardly dove into the world of bitcoin cloud mining to see if I could grind a profit.
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Golden State InfoWarriors: Among The Conspiracy Theorists At Oracle Arena

We had a correspondent in the stands at Oracle Arena for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. He didn't always like what he saw or heard from Warriors fans who paid obscene prices to watch their team win a title.
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NBA Finals

What Is a $2,600 NBA Finals Ticket Actually Worth?

Even by the runaway standards of the tech-boom Bay, tickets for the NBA Finals are hilariously expensive. Our resident masochist paid up for a seat at Oracle Arena, and got what he paid for.
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monster trucks

What I Learned At Monster Jam XVII, The Super Bowl Of Monster Trucks

For two days, the world's finest monster trucks meet in Las Vegas to make tons of noise. These are their stories, or at least what it's like to watch them flip over.
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Super Bowl 50

My Time in the Oligarch Zone at Super Bowl 50

What do you get when you buy a $15,000 to Super Bowl 50? Lobster, the opportunity to be an arbitrage victim, moderate buyer's remorse, and a long walk home.
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