Elizabeth Brown

Liz Brown is a journalist, novelist, stand-up comedian and social worker living in Hollywood, California. She is an alumna of the Groundlings Sunday Company and holds a Master's Degree in Social Work from UCLA. She specializes in stories about mental health and social welfare.


You're Using Coconut Oil For Way Too Many Things

Here are the very few uses that can actually benefit your health.
Elizabeth Brown
Nicole Wetsman

Lemon Water Will Not Boost Your Metabolism

We set out to debunk and/or extol the virtues of drinking lemon water. The news is mostly sour.
Elizabeth Brown

7 Gifts For the Anxious Traveler

Products that make travel slightly less miserable for the uptight jet-setters and peripatetic neurotics in your life.
Elizabeth Brown

You Might Still Have an STD Even if You’re Not Peeing Fire

The sometimes subtle symptoms of the most common STDs.
Elizabeth Brown
Asking for a Friend

This Is Why Popping Your Pimples Feels So Satisfying

You know you’re not supposed to pick at acne but honestly, it's just so soothing—until you look in the mirror and see the same zit back with a vengeance next morning.
Elizabeth Brown

Can I Skip My Period Safely?

Doctors break down why getting your period is actually optional.
Elizabeth Brown
Asking for a Friend

How Gross Is it to Wear Your Shoes in the House?

The final word on whether dragging in all that bacteria on your shoes will actually make you sick.
Elizabeth Brown
You're Smarter Than That

So Really, What Are the Benefits of Probiotics?

People take probiotics for digestion, immunity, depression, you name it. We looked into whether they're worth it.
Elizabeth Brown
The Hardest Conversations

A Therapist’s Script For Breaking Up With a Friend

It can be harder (and more awkward) than breaking up with a partner.
Elizabeth Brown
Asking for a Friend

How Bad Is It to Breastfeed After a Few Drinks?

The final word on giving the baby a boozy boob.
Elizabeth Brown
How Not to Die

How Doctors Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses Alive When They Refuse Blood Transfusions

“I was raised in a religion where blood transfusions were the worst possible thing you could ever do.”
Elizabeth Brown
mental health

Your Sunday Meal Prep Is Actually a Form of Therapy

Why your mundane Sunday activities are so damn comforting.
Elizabeth Brown