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Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon Thinks Republicans Are Blowing It on Impeachment

He disagrees with the witness-smearing tactics and thinks they need to start fighting back against "master politician" Nancy Pelosi.
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Things Aren't Going Super Great for Kamala Harris so She's Going ‘All-In on Iowa’

Her cash-strapped campaign is laying off staff and literally betting the farm on Iowa.
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Trump Is Holding His First Rally Since the Impeachment Inquiry in Ilhan Omar’s District. Hold onto Your Hat.

The campaign thinks it may have a shot at winning Minnesota in 2020.
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Trump Is Using Impeachment as an Excuse to Not Pass Gun Safety Laws

Republicans tell VICE News they're still ready to act. But the president keeps playing the impeachment card.
Morgan Baskin
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Biden’s Vinyl Love and Castro’s Failed Attack: The Debate Moments You May Have Missed

With the top 10-polling candidates on stage, this debate had real substance. But it still got awkward.
Cameron Joseph
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gun control

He Used to Work at the NRA. Now He’s Shaping Gun Policy at the White House.

Michael Williams also worked for the American Suppressor Association, which represents silencer manufacturers and dealers.
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democratic debate

Charles Barkley Is in the Democratic Debate Spin Room and He Has Opinions

Charles Barkley isn't sure President Trump's a racist, but he does know "he's got a little anger management problem."
Daniel Newhauser
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democratic debates

Democrats “Don't Give a Shit” if Trump Live-Tweets Their Debate Tonight

The candidates won't have phones on stage — but their campaigns will.
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Trump Official Says “Fake Families” Are a Growing Problem at the Border

The Trump administration dabbled in DNA testing at the border this spring.
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secret service

Trump has pushed out the Secret Service director

Randolph “Tex” Alles announced his departure one day after DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen.
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