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West Ham's Olympic Stadium Defense Is Bullshit

Keeping the Olympic Stadium around was a bad idea that has only gotten worse. Here's how West Ham ghosted in and put one past London's taxpayers.
Elliott Turner
civil asset forfeiture

Is the DOJ's FIFA Corruption Sting Just 'For-Profit Policing' Run Amok?

The United States went to great lengths to prosecute FIFA. But was the ultimate goal just to make money from civil asset forfeiture?
Elliott Turner

Orlando City SC's Not So Magical Kingdom

Orlando City's new soccer stadium deal looks too good to be true. That's because it is.
Elliott Turner
miami beckham united

David Beckham's Path to a MLS Stadium in Miami Just Keeps Getting Twistier

From downtown waterfront, to an empty lot in Overtown, Miami Beckham United has not exactly taken the Miami political scene by storm in their efforts to get a stadium built.
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Is FC Monterrey’s New Stadium Really “The Environmental Crime of the Decade?"

How cronyism in Monterrey, Mexico turned a beautiful park into a parking lot.
Elliott Turner

Inside LAFC's Stadium Maneuvering: Can Something Come From Almost Nothing?

LAFC may not have a team or name, but their owners know how to play the stadium-finance game
Elliott Turner

Minnesota Disunited: The Fight Over an MLS Stadium in Minneapolis

The fight over MLS in Minneapolis involves feuding ownership groups, feuding government bodies, and feuding stadium plans.
Elliott Turner

How David Beckham's Miami MLS Stadium Deal Turned Into a Disaster

The English soccer star was supposed to bring the sport to Miami, but failed stadium proposals have him neck-deep in the all-elbows world of Miami politics.
Elliott Turner