Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel is a Minneapolis-based writer and the managing editor of City Pages, the alt-weekly of the Twin Cities.


What Are KN95 Masks and Should I Buy One Online?

More online and IRL marketplaces are selling them—but how effective are they, and are they comparable to N95s?
Emily Cassel

How to Structure Your Days When Time Is Fake and You Have Endless Chores

If you're overwhelmed by all the cleaning, personal upkeep, and work tasks that are inescapable for the next indefinite stretch of the future... you need a plan in the immediate.
Emily Cassel

How to Deal With Feeling Bad About Your Body During Isolation

Even if you've never struggled with disordered eating before, having to stay home can be a real challenge in managing your mental health as it relates to your body image.
Emily Cassel

What to Do if You're Drinking Way More During Self-Isolation

No one is saying you can’t kill a six-pack while you’re stuck at home because of COVID-19, but you might want to pay attention to self-moderation, too.
Emily Cassel

If Your Aging Parents Are Ignoring Coronavirus Risks, You're Not Alone

"They literally just popped some Airborne—that Vitamin C chewable thing—and said they'd be fine. I'm so legitimately worried for them both."
Emily Cassel
Harm Reduction

The Funny, Tragic Stories of People Whose Parents Drug-Tested Them

"I’ll never forget my mom yelling 'YOU’RE DOING BARBITURATES?!?' at 8 o’clock in the morning on the lord’s day."
Emily Cassel

Intuitive Eating: The Not-Diet Diet for People Who Are Sick of Diets

This way of eating may be newly resonant, but it’s not new.
Emily Cassel

We Asked Real Dietitians If Beyoncé's 22 Days Diet Plan Would Actually Work

The body-positive pop star's new nutrition plan is too time-consuming and too little food for the average non-celebrity star to follow.
Emily Cassel
mental health

How Do You Help an Online Friend Who Seems Depressed?

When you barely know someone, it's hard to tell what’s a mental health crisis and what’s just run-of-the-mill venting.
Emily Cassel

'Natural' Sugars Are Not Better for You Than Regular Sugar

Experts tell us why using agave, coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, or any other sweetener with a health halo is not going to make you any healthier.
Emily Cassel

5 Realistic Ways to Stop Checking Your Phone All the Time

By small increments, we can become healthier in how we respond or relate to technology.
Emily Cassel
What's Freaking Me Out

The Grief and Terror of Realizing Your Parents Are Aging

The shift from “my parents are healthy and indestructible” to talking about mortality on the drive back from Costco feels crazy.
Emily Cassel